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 Post subject: The Old Well Inn, Barnard Castle - June 2011
PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:36 pm 
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We started off with a history talk about the building, but me being me I do not want to hear history befor ethe hunt so I left the room to provent me hearing anything.

We then all got together and started off with a circle of protection from Karl.

We went into room 8 and we asked spirit come come forward. I did pick up with a name of Mary and a lot of cats around her as though she was a cat women. There was little taps and noises coming from parts of the room. There was some ghost detectors in the room and the red lights where flashing at times to reply to some of our questions. We did ask questions like 'are you Mary, are you a man... by this question the detector lights flashed quicker to let us know there was a male presents int the room also.. it did stop when we asked questions like 'are you a sir and are you in this room now, did you die in this room?'

Nicky did pick up on a name of George. After a while with many tappings, I picked up on Arthur and another lady picked up on Alan. I went into the en suit bathroom on my own where I did catch some spirit lights on the camera.

We then went down to the restaurant and room 9 (as they are just about all joined together, just a door to seperate them.) We where sat in the restaurant at first where there was more tappings on response to some questions that where asked. The EMF flashed and sounded as questions where asked and it also stopped when asked to do so. We did get response when we asked for spirit to copy our knocks.

We sat in room 9 as we where doing a seance, I covered my ears as Karl spoke about some history (I had him on record so listened back the next day) he spoke about why there was small slopes in the building, there was some carriages that went there where they would enter into that room and pick up some coffins, as this was a room at one time full of coffins. in a seance I picked up on a man called Bernie who was a bit of a joker and would play tricks on people. Karl then said when he was talking in the history in the beginning (when I went outside the room) he told the room about there being visions of a Jester in that room (I guess thats close enough to what I had picked up on.) I then picked up that Bernie had something wrong with his left eye.

We then went into room 10 and asked spirit to come forward. Some people in the group did hear a whistle from one corner of the room. We did try the oujie board with a glass with no luck. There was the sound of clothes hangers in the wardrobe being moved on their own on a few occasions. I did pick up on a little boy and a grandad figure. Nicky thought she did hear someone say 'hello' to her. The meter lights where flickering at times to some responses to questions, we got both green lights and the amber light at times then sometimes just the one green light would show. I did get the name Adam, when I asked if he was called Adam there was a silent knocking sound. Had the feeling that the television was turned on from its own accord through the night. someone in the group heard a voice as Nicky asked 'how many spirit are in this room?' someone heard the reply 'I will have a look.' Nicky sensed that grandad wasn't really impressed with us being there and I asked grandad if he was the one that was tapping the clothes hangers in the wardrobe. The lights did flicker again when we asked if he was a lord.

We then went to room 7. The meter was lighting up again very fast. Some of the group heard whispers and felt cold chills blown around their ears. People thought there was someone sat next to Nicky on a small 2 seater chair, even Nicky felt someone sat near her, but she was alone. I felt as though there was an indent on the bed which made all the girls jump off the bed as they seen an indent in the bed next to them all. Groans where heard by Nicky. I got the feeling this man took a pillow and tried to sufficate someone as they where trying to sleep, I also got the impression of the lady chocking under the pillow. I then got the feeling of someone being winded as someone was punched in the chest. I had the feeling this was an evil man. Nicky did feel a smack over the head. Had the feeling a man always used to sit at the bay window and look out of the window, I then felt that grandad was back with us.


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 Post subject: Re: The Old Well Inn, Barnard Castle - June 2011
PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:37 am 
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Sounds like you had an interesting night

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