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 Post subject: Historical King Arthur coverup!!!
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 4:11 am 
Someone Strange
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There is much more to my story and this story but here is a start to what i have witnessed and WHAT SOME OF THE MK-ULTRA PRAGRAMS were desinged to do, to controle me and my people and keep us from our genetic memorie's and well just read on and please help with prayer. And pleas bear with me as i was kept from recieveing any substantial kind of formal education, as well as well im sure youve heard of what happends in MK_ultra

to be breif in 1997 my life took a downward spiral as if at times someone was sabatageing me. In 2002-2004 i learned that the family folklore was not only true but there was much more to the story and the conflict with the Catholic Church and there insistince to convert and submit.
There is a hidden history that over the years i have progresivly become aware of. In 1997 there were coins and stone artifacts found showing that King Arthur realy existed and Who he was and who his desendants and ancestors were, from this sorce as well as others they found a very long line of King's

My people were sometimes called Light benders, The long haired Kings, and yes even over 1000 years ago The Rainbow Family we were known to be magical Kings, I am a dirrect desendnt of the Historical King Arthur as well as the first Pendragon Cymbeline (as in Shakespeare) and a long line up until around 1000 A.D when the church wanted complete controle of the people, I believe it was Pope Germanicus that initiated the overthrow. YEs also we are dirrectly from the line of King David. My people where also to be known as the Knights Templar protectors of the Grail that were ousted in october 13 1307, 700 year aneversery 2007 and it was on the 699 aneversery that it fell on Friday the 13th which i felt was like breaking what the church had done to my people not only from holding the roman empire at bay for 1,000 years but then to see the same thing play over and over agian that is why some of us came here to America. i also have a pinch of Apache from my dearly departed Father and Grandmother.
I became aware of being the dirrect desendnt of the true historical King Arthur around 2002-20003. In 1997 a few years after my grandfathers passing i had a fealing that the Templars, of whom my Grandfather was high level Templar (grand master of two lodges) ,,, my fealing was that of the Templars being taken over by a group of missguided people,, i did not understand my emotional attachment at the time. It was also in 1997 that archoelogical evedence of who the real King Arthur was and who his family and desendnte were and are,,, There was a complicated journey to this awareness. I found out around 2002-2003 because from clue's, observations, visions, and gut fealings that a family legend i was told at the age of 13 that we were desendnts of Scotish, English kings specificaly Cymbeline (yes the one Shakespear wrote of) is and was of great imortants.

Around 2004 there was a book writen called The Templar Papers and in it the World Leader of the Templars says that in 1997 there was a group of egotistical retired Military that took over The Templars specificaly America, he is now doing his best to correct this dillema.

There are legends of Fisher Kings, Grail Kings and the likes one common thread is there connection to the Earth in such a way that when one is wounded so is the other

My people also believe in genetic as well as cellular memorie, this may explain why i learned to read on my own at 9 from the Bible it may explain why so far what ive read in Earth Keeper Chronicles coincides with what i have learned in my life experince and the guidnce i have ben given both by People and Spiritualy,,, In many ways some of my life experinces have ben that of the Arthurian arcytype which by the way is alot more brutal/humiliateing/painfull/ than most think,,, yet the whole time fallowing the Code (Word) written on my heart yes ive bein called idealistic. I have also noticed over the last few years how connected what people do to one another is the the Earth, At times feal unfortunate that to sea this along with noticeing that when people have attacked me there has bin weather and natruly/spontaneously occuring fire,,,Most recently in my prayer i asked God to show me an unmistakble sign as well as his protection and guidence,,, as i walked out of the Emergency room what was a clear day without a cloud in site there was a large Lightining storm that suddenly appeard, it was The Mendocino Lightning Complex fires 129 in total,,, it was 8 days before my birthday (some have counted 8,000 lightning strikes) as well as the day before i was to be the Fire Keeper at an inipi (sweat lodge),,, which by the way went of without a hitch even though we could see from outside of town all of the smoke from the fires beging to enclose us in a cacoon of smoke,,, it was as if Mother Earth was smudging herself with smoke just as we do in the Native American Cerimonys,, yes there were many years i spent at the fire of the Lakota,, there is more that happend in a short time that i will touch on,,, in 1997 Richard Swallow/Sparrow Eagle Chief of the Standing Buffalo Lakota my Brother and Teacher stood me before the Lakota and Rainbow nation with such people as Wallace Black Elk, Leonard Crow Dog and many others in attendance He gave me the honor and title of Fire Chief.... It was also during this time that i moved to Saint Louse Missouri with my fiance and underwent a month phcycological and intelegence testing. They could not accuratly determine my IQ but they did say that it defenetly was in the upper range. This alone amazed them because i had less than 1/5 the edjucation of most people in america do to many visits to the hospital for corrective surgerie from a birth defect or as the doctors called them annomolies, i had to have many collorectal surgeries to correct an imperforated anus (no but hole) of which it was in 1998 right affter the extensive testing for Vocational Rehabilitation that i under went experimental surgerie. This caused excrutiating pain because the Artificial bowel spicter was never properly activated for over a year when i went to the bathroom it was like pushing bowling balls through a garden hose,,, it took until 2005 for all of the corrective surgeries from the device 5 i think in total. Now i have a colostomy for the first time since i was a year and a half old, that means i was completely incontinant until the age of 28 then i was still incontinent and in much pain so not until 33-35 was in controle of my bowels. The main surgeries occured shortly after 2001 it was October 2001 when the muscles in my back pulled a pedicle and fractured another in my spine as well as causein a hematoma on the kidney from rabbit punches to the Kidney area it was 4 years from that it did not rain in that part of Nebraska, until i went back for a visit and heard this and said a prayer and at that moment it began to rain. It then took until recently to regain my composer/sanity from what ive endured especialy since 911 because you see it is an interesting coincednce that my Astrology chart is exactly the same as America,,, like i said my ancestors were known for being magical Kings, the long haired Kings, Grail Kings, and mabey at times Priest Kings. It was and is said we have what some would call magical powers but it is the spiritual protection and guidnce given to some of us from God that we can extend to our people that is probley the most mysteriouse. There has ben so much more that has happend the most desterbing was how so many tried to controle me through manipulation and at times what some would call MK-Ultra then finding out who i was not only through life experinces but also the Lakota and the research i have done,,, To the Lakota i am Weho Peyata eh Mani (the one that comes from the sunset) as well as the name i heard on my first vision queste Tahoopa who aloa (Singing Feather) which two years afterwords i found out Singing Feather was the creation story of the Tribes of the Lost Coast in Northern california,,, when these two names come together they form a new one Tahoopa hoo aloa Weho Peyata eh Mani (The One That Comes from The West with the Word/Power of God under His Wings)...
Well ive got to go and give someone a ride now gotta go.

May your heart fallow the same path you walk


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