Modern ghosts
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Author:  doktor_phibes [ Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Modern ghosts

As traditional ghosts such as 'Crisis Apparitions' and 'Anniversary Haunts' seem to be on the decline, a new breed of spooks are infiltrating investigations. Here's a quick low down of some of these next generation spectres.

Clickers - These pesky little critters make their presence known by making the faintest little clicking sounds as possible and are present on most investigations. They also seem to like to hang out near things such as radiators.

Tricksters - These spooks prefer to communicate through pendulums. Having identified who the 'believers' are, a trickster will cause their pendulum to swing wildly as questions are asked, only to stop immediately when a more skeptical person (with a steady hand) has a go. Ooo Naughty tricksters.

Spheroids - These are the most fame hungry of new spooks and love having their photos taken by digital cameras. Not to be mistaken for all those stupid Orb/dust things, these guys make up the 5-10% (depending who you ask) of 'Genuine Orbs', despite looking exactly the same as them.

Flashers - Thank God for K2 meters. For years these critters have had no way to communicate with the living, now with the invention of this great piece of kit they can flash away to their hearts content. 'Flasher' communication can be helped by having a switched on mobile phone near by.

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