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 Post subject: Royalty Theatre - 7 May 2011
PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 3:23 pm 
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We all started off in the full group on the theatre stage where BPI team done a protection meditation to start things off. Bex (a radio presentor) had reported that something had undone her bra. The temperature was increasing and decreaseing. There was a loud bang from backstage. Bex also reported that something blew in her ear.

We then got split into 2 groups and our group went on the stage again, where people felt hot temperatures as we called out for spirit to come forward. There was a sound of someone climbing a ladder and also a gents jeans had been tugged lightly as the temperature went cold. I then got told that there was a girl behind me playing with my hair and she wanted to plait it. I welcomed the child. Meter lights flickered and many lights lit up on the EMF reader as shadow movements where reported at the back of the stage.

We then placed a glass on the table and we got it tilting slowly as we asked many questions till it tilted all the way and fell over Me and Alex went to the back of the theatre and I had the feeling of a man usher was at the back and also got the name of Harold and stroke conditions.

We then went on a break and heard that Bex had been slapped on her back and there was a red mark left on her back. Apparently she didn't stay too long and went in her car and left as she didn't want to be involved with the hunt any more.

We then went upstairs and held hands in a circle as certain individuals where getting pulled back and pushed forward. There was a slight draft felt on a lady's ear, when I asked spirit to do that again, she felt the same draft as the first time. She also reported that her bra strap had been pulled from her shoulder. She heard something else in her ear and had to leave the room and go outside.

We went up some ladders to try and do some glass movement experiment, but as the area was lack of space and we couldn't stand up straight we didn't stay there too long. The lady came back to the group for a bit and had to leave again with the feelings she got. I went out to heal her, she was overcome with emotions as we advised that she told spirit to back off, she was so emotional and had horrible feelings as she cried and had to go back downstairs for fresh air. We then went back to the table to try and get it tipping, we confronted the man who put the feelings on the lady and felt as though he abused women while he was alive and he was very happy with what he achieved. The feeling that the man was just laughing at what he had done as we tried to get him to effect someone else. The lady returned to the room, there was slight movement on the table. The lady got effected yet again and had to leave the room again as they chanted the lords prayer. We called the male spirit a 'bully' as to what he had done to the lady. Temperature decreased at times. We asked for the children to come forward, but this man was not allowing them. We then got the feeling that the lady who got effected was someone who reminded him of someone else who used to blackmail him. We asked more questions and asked if he strangeled someone due to blackmail. The lady was getting effected yet again. A glass was knocked over and as the lady stayed put and challenged him that she will not leave this time, the man spirit ran away to another room. We went to a back room and watched as a bookcase moved on its own accord. Alex felt like there was a child on the seen and he refused to accept the responsibility of this child or the mother.

Me, Alex and Nicky went under the stage where Alex felt strange earlier on when he visited the area before. Alex felt as though someone was terrorised in the area. As soon as we stood in the centre of the are I felt as though spirit was happy that we where no longer sat on the entrance as this was blocking his way, I felt that he brought people down and locking them up below the stage. Got the feeling that someone died on the stage while he was being watched by the audience. and Alex picked up that he felt people had been trapped down there (I done a search on internet the next day to find this out

Production dates were carefully chosen to coincide with the full moon because of black-out restrictions
April 16th 1941 – the Little Theatre and the Victoria Hall were both destroyed in the bombing. The Royalty Hall, along with other Church Halls, was used for various productions throughout the rest of the war. Several productions were given in Barnes Park as part of the ‘Holidays at Home’ policy.
Well done Alex

A blonde lady came down and wanted to do a lone vigil as Me, Nicky and Alex where on way back, as soon as blonde lady got past the door, she freaked out stating the vaccum cleaner moved. Me and Alex waited around in the seats for a few minutes and the blonde lady legged it and said she had left the torch behind as the torch came on with its own accord. The torch fell to the floor and we said we would pick it up later.

We then went down to the dj room and we asked some questions, I picked up that there was a male at the age of 67 and Carmen picked up that he died of a massive heart attack.

Our final place was back on the stage, where a lady was getting taken over by spirit, she was breathing heavy as she couldn't back the spirit away, Carmen went over and healed her telling spirit to back away, we all said the lords prayer while I placed my hands over her knees to ground the lady. The lady finally came back to us and the spirit left her body. She said it felt like her heart was being twisted. Maybe this was the gentleman/actor who died on stage with a massive heart attack. Then we asked questions with a detector, we had a little boy called Charlie giving us some yes and no questions which was impressive. While a gentleman was complaining of back ache a few times.

I went upstairs with a few other people and it got mentioned that some evil type demon was up there and scratched the wooden table in anger. How I wish I took a before picture[/color]


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