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 Post subject: Scaling Dam - The Grapes
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:58 pm 
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The Grapes Inn, Scaling Dam. 15 January 2011 (10pm - 4am)

Very windy night as we made our journey into the Moors and parking up outside 'The Grapes Inn.'

Me, Irene, Carmen and Lynne where all sat down drinking coffee and handing in our £25 for the ghost hunt of the night.

We started off by introducing ourselves and splitting up in two groups.

Our group went upstairs to a single bedroom where we joined hands while standind in a circle. People did feel presence of a tall gentlman in the shadows and some seen movement from a shadowey figure. My dictophone was on record and had a red light which was attached around my wrist. People opposite noticed how it was moving from side to side, then back and forth on its own accord.

We had a little break then went to the room with the pool table in it and a beam above us (which was not in the original position, it was moved many years ago.) We put our coat hoods over our heads (as we where told that spirit sometimes likes to pull hoods down) then we all linked hands again in a circle around the pool table and asked for spirit to come close and to prove to us that they are around us. The first girl that had to leave the circle had itchy feelings over her face and needed to be out of the circle as this was driving her crazy. Another left the circle and I followed as I felt like I was going to be sick and had shortage of breath.

I did re join the circle and and listened while a young lad (Scott I think his name is) felt as though he was in the way of something and wanted to move. I felt as though I had tension around the neck and also tension as though someone was stood on my shoulders at the same time which was a weird feeling. We moved around again a few steps and Carmen and Lynne wanted to hit one of the lads in the circle, they didn't know why but wanted to go over to him and hit him. Lynne left the circle and Carmen held Scott's hand, now Scott felt as though he was very close to Carmen and wanted to get closer to her.

I felt like someone was pushing me back all the time, sometimes achieving this. At times the force on me actually had me on my heels, there was someone behind me just in case I did get pushed off my feet. I had to take a back step twice as the strength got stronger. Scott has never done anything like this before and he came out with 'Diane' which Irene said she knew Diane, it was her sister in law. He also came out with another name which Irene could also take. Now this was freaking him out a bit and he asked for one of the team members to join the circle, she didn't feel very happy with this but joined in feeling very edgy. Soon as she was in the circle Scott came out with the name 'Jack' and 'Charlie' the edgy team member was in shock and said that this was her son.

We had a 10 minute break then we all (both teams) got together and went back upstairs into a family room with a double bed and a bunk bed in the other corner. We all sat quietly to see if we picked up on anything. Irene was sat in a chair and she was laughing uncontrolably for no reason, then minutes later Lynne (sat on bottom bunk next to chair) started laughing and also setting me off with laghter (I was sat next to Lynne on the bottom bunk.) Someone in the room mentioned a name 'Mad Maggie' (I think this was Scott) then he mentioned 'Annie' was close by.

Most of us linked hands around the double bed and a few volunteers layed in the bed to see what they felt. A few picked up on rape conditions and the feelings of been tied up. The tall lad went on the bed and I felt as though I couldn't look at him, I just told everyone that I carn't even look down at him for a second even though I tried I felt a little hatred towards him, I took my hand to his throat and said that is all I want to do to him. They asked me to try the bed out and as soon as I layed down my head dropped to the right side as though I had pressure around the neck, people around the bed commented how weird I looked with the head to one side as though I had a broken neck. Irene started to call me names and stating that I was a tart and a flusey, then Carmen joined in too but Carmen felt a lot of jelousey towards me as I was 'Daddy's girl' and I had stolen her place, instead of her getting all the attention I was getting the attention instead. Scott told them both to shut up and felt like comforting me along with another girl to my left. Scott felt very much like the Dad in this situation and told Carmen and Irene to back off, Irene commenting 'she is already dead anyway.' The tall lad had to run out the room as he wasn't feeling too good. I said I felt as though it wasn't Irene that killed me it was someone else, she only finished the job as I wasn't completly dead.

Another member of the team went on the bed and a few people felt like putting the pillow over the face, we had a pillow in the room and the urge was strong to use it by some of us.

All this time there was a cold spot to the left of the room, some energy slapped Lynne across the face which left her ear red and sore. We went back downstairs for a break.

When we all went back to that room the tall lad agreed to lay on the bed with Carmen. Carmen felt like we should all kneel which we did. The pillow was with us again and a few felt like using it (team members where around just in case to remove the pillow if anything seriouse happened.) Another girl tried the bed and I felt a chocking feeling as though the girl should be in the CPR position as she could choke on her own vomit.

I got asked to go back to the bed which I did, the lights where still on as I lay there listening to Carmen and Irene bitching towards me again and calling me names. Scott arguing with them and telling them to back off again. Irene had the feeling of 'Mad Maggie' very close and Carmen had 'Annie' very close. Both Irene and Carmen where blaming Scott for abusing me all this time and that he couldn't finish the job off. Someone placed rosary beads in my right hand, I managed to hold them for about half a minute and threw them on the bed. Carmen said that I didn't deserve them anyway and she felt as though she should have them claiming I couldn't handle them as I wasn't Catholic, I was given a pillow to hold which was a great comfort to me, but Carmen took it away, I gave Carmen a few evil looks as she teased me with the pillow. They started name calling again as the lights went out. I quickly placed my hands over my eyes feeling scared of the dark and frightened as to what would happen next. My hands where trembling for a long time, trembling quicker and quicker with each second dreading what will happen next. A girl to my left and Lynne (to my right) took my hands which calmed me down a lot. I wanted to tell Carmen, Irene and Scott to shut up, but the fear I had stopped me so I kept quiet and let them continue. Tears did run down my face as I closed my eyes and asked for the healing protection and for spirit to back away.

When I got off the bed I said the feeling I had was that the tall lad (which Carmen called out 'the stable boy') was the one that broke my neck, and it was Irene that found me and basically finished me off.

Carmen felt as though it was the father who abused this child and the child had to remain silent about all the events that happened, scaring her about what he would do if she told anyone. She also felt as though the girl knew everything that had happened but was afraid. She had the feeling of the father killing this child, Irene finishing it off and the father setting fire to the place with the girls dead body still on the bed. I did get the names of Danielle and Sophie, another girl got the name Louise.


Carmen felt as though the oldest daughter (Mad Maggie) had been abused by their father and also did the second oldest (Annie.) Now Annie seemed to think nothing bad of this is she loved her Dad and didn't see no wrong. but when the dad went to the youngest daughter and started abusing her, this made Annie very jelouse.


On that night there are two things that I kept to myself for some reason, the first thing was when I got off the bed I could see a lot of blood in the centre as though the abuse that occured made the little girl bleed. Also I had the feeling that the girl was quiet as someone made her that way by removing her tongue to keep her quiet.


Fantastic night


been contacting spirit since 2006

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