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 Post subject: Chillingham Castle Sept 2007
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:41 pm 
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This is a write up I did for my semi paranormal forum.
Youll have to excuse the names, there the people i know and love and thought id just stick the whole thing up rather than edit it.

Monday. am.

The four of us arrived at almost the same time!! Nope Goldy wasnt in the pub but up in the apartment making tea (believe it or not!!)

After the exhausting climb up (Im reliabley informed) the 56 stairs to the Lookout you could be forgiven for thinking the gasping and heavy breathing was paranormal but no, it was myself and scips trying desperately to not have heart attacks.

Goldy and Fire were in the small but perfectly formed kitchen/living room. A cosy ensamble of knackered furniture and ikea mishmash.
As per usual!!

Goldy had claimed the twin room, which was nice and Fire had claimed a very small and spooky room up yet more stairs.
They had kindly left myself and Scips the large and warm double room.

Well after dumping our stuff into the double room I decided to see if ,after my heart had returned to a semi normal beat, I could pick up on any spooky feelings.
Strangely the kitchen/living room felt very nice, no spooky feelings here!
However on entering the twin room I definatly felt "something", there was a definate and distinctive atmosphere in there. If I hadnt have known better i would have said it was because of Goldys farts but honestly she hadnt been in our company long enough to expel anything!!
Then Fire showed us up to her room.
As soon as i started going up the 6 or so stone stairs I felt a male pressence (yes scips was with me, but it wasnt him)
I immediatly got the impression of two soldiers both wearing the same uniform.
The impression of said uniform to me was of a sort of breast plate made of leather with a tunic underneith it going down to just above the knee. I distinctly got the image of a leather strap going diagonally across the body which i felt would carry a spear or pike sort of thing.
On there legs I saw hessian type material trousers which were just below the knee with like a sort of stocking or sock garment. On there feet they had leather almost like ankle boots, sounds daft I know but thats what i picked up.
Anyway they had metal helmets on which where sort of head shaped, slightly pointed at the top of the head with a ridge going from front to back. The helmets finished just above the ear with another two pieces of metal on either side protecting the ear. A leather straping securing the helmet by being tied under the chin.
Scips can probably date this uniform, i myself have no idea.
One was sat on a wooden bench and the other was standing up by the side.
I really felt uncomfortable and deemed not to go back in that room if at all possible.

Monday afternoon.
Passed with the free flow of alcohol, nothing unusual there then!!
Nothing else to be reported except i really didnt like the bathroom area. It was yet another bathroom that i didnt want to go in on my own.
As you went into the bathroom immediatly oposite was a mirror and i got the destinct impression that visitors to this bathroom, upon washing there faces would see something standing behind them!
So i used the kitchen sink to wash my face and brush my teeth


Monday evening.
More alcohol.
Nothing to report except a pleasant evening spent "mucking" about with the video camera, results to follow!!

Both me and scips were knackered so decided to retire to bed early and we left goldy and fire in the front room getting very slightly bladdered.

I have no idea what time it was but not long after me and scips were asleep we heard Fire screaming Goldys name, and rushing into the front room.
Both me and scips layed in bed and were listening to fire talking when goldy shouted us and came into the bed room.
Fire had seen the shadow of someone standing by her bed looking out of one of the tiny windows!!!!
She had fled from the room in sheer terror.
She had been lying on her bed listening to her MP3 player with her eyes shut when she felt a breeze on her face, she opened her eyes and low and behold there was a shadow!!
There was no light coming in the window to create this black menasing shadow and if there had been then to create it someone would have had to be floating outside her window at a height of about two or three double deckers buses on top on one another!!!

Neither me or scips got up to investigate because being perfectly honest I WAS SHITTING MYSELF

Sorry FIre!

Fire sat with Goldy for some time before calming herself down and (bravely) returning to the room for the remainder of a peaceful uneventful night.

Nothing happened tuesday during the day, infact everything seemed very quiet and peaceful.
That was until the evening descended on us.
We all started to feel very apprehensive if not a little spooked, wondering what the night held for us.

I was laid in bed, now I cant say again what time it was and i certainly cant say whether i was semi awake fully awake or very asleep!
But as I was laying on my back (so i must have been concious enough to realise that fact) I felt a very cold, icy infact, touch on my big toe! God knows why my big toe but there you have it!
A ghost with a foot fetish!!
It felt like something very icy cold had actually grabbed hold of my big toe! Now I was awake to realise that the room hadnt gone cold, infact I was at that time sweating a hell of alot cos i was so hot!
I moved my foot and placed it against scips leg!
I fell back to sleep. The next time i was aware of being awake, again i cant say how long after the foot thing this could have been, i was lying on my side with my arm out of the covers. Again i was very aware I was pouring with sweat but I most certainly felt a icy cold hand touch my arm!!
Infact on telling fire and goldy i was able to say how many fingers i had felt!!
Unbelievabley I wasnt scared, i just put my arm under the covers and snuggled into scips.
The next few nights though i made sure i was suitabley embalmed with alcohol before retiring to bed!!
If anything else happened I dont know because for the next couple of nights although i woke up a few times nothing else seemed to occur.
And of course we were all rather busy videoing!!!

However whilst we were filming with the camcorder and after reviewing the footage it has to be said we do seem to have caught something "unusual"

This footage will be put up at a later date because scips has to "edit" it from the rest of the footage.
Im not gonna tell you any more about that, Im gonna wait for your opinions on it!!!!

The rest of the time spent at chillingham passed without problems, except for the bloody stairs that is!!

So yet again another stay at chillingham comes to an end.

Will we go back..........................that remains to be seen!

Barra- tone

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