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 Post subject: Healing Hands
PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:15 am 
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So far, we have been using the aura's power to stimulate vitality and well being. But as well as having a therapeutic value these energies can heal. Healers will use these energies to channel the healing light to their patients, which often result in recovery even from terminal illness. Your hands also have the power to heal. Channel the living light through your hands with sincerity and love and you will help heal those in need. This next exercise will demonstrate just how effective these energies can be.

You can do this method on yourself or on another person. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe in a relaxed way. If you are driving or using your hands just listen and let your unconscious mind absorb the information. Hold your hands in front of you palms upwards. Now see light pouring from above and through your hands. They become surrounded by a brilliant blue and white light. Now let the palms face each other as you keep them about six inches apart. Fell the great surge of energy between them as you do this. A blue/white beam of light leaps and streams between the hands.

Now place one hand on your forehead and the other at the back of the head, just above the neck. Continue to visualise the stream of light flowing between the hands. This light is a healing force. Feel how soothing it is. You may notice how sometimes the energy changes direction, feels hot or cold, or one hand becomes more dominant than the other. This is all quite normal. In times of stress this exercise can be very calming and can be used to relieve headaches. It is also goog for clearing ones head to bring about a more peaceful state of mind.

When you feel the light reduce take your hands away and rest for a few moments.

How do you feel? Try this technique with your friends and they'll be amazed how quickly this simple healing technique can produce a beneficial result.


When you did the mental exercise with the imaginary lemon, you discovered that you could influence the bodily processes with the imagination. The imagination can also be used to influence the mind and spirit and in particular the flow positive energy. These simple exercises release real energies on the subtle level.

Imagine a magnificent sun of gold and silver light above you. It is shinning and pouring its rays all over you. Fell how this pure light cleanses your body as its glittering rays dance on your skin. This shimmering light washes away the toxins in your outer aura.

Now see the light increase in intensity as the whirling rays become a pouring shower of brilliant luminosity. The light again pours all over you but this time it passes through you as well. The gold and silver light pours in through the top of the head and out of the fingertips and toes. As the brilliance of the light increases so to it pushes away all darkness. Like a crystal-clear waterfall of falling light it rinces away the last residues of negativity within you and makes you shine from within.

Now that you are cleansed you may want to fill yourself with this living energy so that you can retain its benefit. The next step is to allow the blazing light to fill your body like a vessel. Feel its luminosity pouring in through the top of the head and filling the toes and feet. Now it fills the legs and hands. Radiant light is filling your torso and upper arms. Now feel the exuberant sensation as it fills your back, your neck and finally filling the head. You are like a chalice overflowing with resplendent light, which makes you feel inspired, energetic and brimming with good health.

Next, to retain the positive energy, imagine that you are being enfolded in a warm dark velvet cloak. It has a hood on it and wraps all over your body and head, sealing in the precious energy. By doing this you automatically close the chakras and protect the aura.

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