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 Post subject: Re: Who and What?
PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:51 pm 
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Jay wrote:
Hah .. yeah, it does seem a bit strange .. there is a lot of crap out there - the religious stuff I've seen myself ... In a lot of areas of interest - a lot of them (if not all!), all seem to be focussing on 2012 .. with the Planet X tales cropping up in a few .. another one that seems to be gaining interest is an alignment we're due with the galactic plane ..

Personally, I think 2012 will just come to pass - I don't think anything natural is going to occur which is going to bring about big changes - I might be wrong - but I don't think anything completely natural will happen.

I've deliberately highlighted natural there. I do believe in self-fulfilling phropecies and it wouldn't surprise me if people at high levels will look at the theories concerning 2012 and stage something to try and tap into this consciousness in regards the various theories.

As for the pyramids - well, there is a lot of information suggesting high degrees of water erosion on them caused, possibly, by flooding. Graham Hancock - who seems to have his head screwed on compared to some doing this research - goes a bit into this (and actually sets out to prove the pyramids are a lot older than what official history tells us).

Theres so many things going on......yes the pyramids can be billions of years old and you could be telling the truth.....they are made from stone which undoubtedly is billions of years old....its how you present what you say :)

The whole area around the site of the great pyramids in giza is widely regarded as once being covered in canals used to transport the stones from further away....the mere presence of water *COULD* explain why there is evidence of water damage......erosion I think sums up huge amounts of damage.

but getting back to cataclysmic events.....didnt krakatoa blow itself apart in the middle 1800's and then finally disappear under water?

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 Post subject: Re: Who and What?
PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:33 pm 
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'official history'........

ha....maybe all history is manipulated to affect the 'now'....its just like effin science second somethings proven fact,we are taught it and its written in stone,its official 'fact'...then the next second nope its not its been disproved and something else is now taught in schools as fact hehehehe!!!

Look at the pictures,look at the patterns!!!

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