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 Post subject: what is crytozoology?
PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:22 pm 
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By definition, cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals. Something that should also be noted is the fact that it is not recognized by the scientific community as a science. There are no degrees in it, and therefore, there is no such thing as a cryptozoologist.

Many of you have probably heard people call themselves cryptozoologist though. But, in the words of a close friend ; "If I study biology, it doesn't make me a biologist." Makes sense, no? You must have a degree to be any kind of "ologist".

Personally (and this is merely my opinion, so it doesn't really count for anything), I don't think that cryptozoology will ever be considered a true science. And why should it? There isn't much science involved. Really the closest thing to scientific method existant in this field is the gathering of evidence.

possibly the main reason that this field isn't taken seriously is that so many people in it bring shame to the scientific community as a whole. Those who would call themselves "scientists" are merely people interested in finding what may or may not be there. This makes cryptozoology more of a hobby than it will ever be a science. The fact alone that anybody can do it makes it so controversial that the scientific community laughs upon it.

Truely, anybody can take up this interesting and sometimes fruitful field. But beware, it is home of a brooding arrogance and self-centeredness that could turn your life upside-down. It is easy, as many cryptozoologists have shown, to become completely infatuated with oneself and gain that annoying "I'm always right, you're always wrong" attitude that makes people wish they never met you. Although this arrogance isn't extremely common in the field, it is dangerous when encountered.

what is the point of being so narrow minded as to think you're always right, no matter what? Especially in a field such as this! Without an open mind, one could easily go insane in this field. You must be able to realize that not every cryptid (a term for an animal under the cryptozoological microscope) has to be real, nor does it have to be what we think it is. If we finally track down the Sasquatch and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was an escaped gorilla from the local zoo, there will be those who are glad the controversy is over. However, there will undoubtedly also be those who say "nah, that's not true, its still out there."

What is cryptozoology if not the quest for truth? And if this quest is completed, what the hell was the point if all the people are only willing to believe their own truth? It would be wonderful if every cryptid turned out to be real, wouldn't. A lot of people would be famous for doing it, would be so empty...

The whole allure of cryptozoology is not only the search for the hidden, but the thrill of the hunt. People love things they can't explain. Especially in a somewhat monotonous everyday life routine, its not only good for you to have a few kinks thrown in, but its also fun. Imagine a world where everything was explained? I'd rather not.

So, is cryptozoology just a useless tool, an escape from the boring labors of everyday life? Perhaps, for some. But its also a quest for truth, an investigation in the mysteries of life, a look into the world of nature and trying to understand it.

It would be moronic to believe that we know everything that resides in this world. There are things out there that defy our conventional scientific explanation, that science would rather not mess with because they can't be proven. There are unexplainable mysteries that we haven't even encountered yet, and questions left to be answered. So if the scientific community won't investigate these things, and attempt to solve them, who will?

There will always be those who search for the truth. The few who volunteer their time and resources to try and uncover the many mysteries of this world. Now, this burden lies on you. Good luck. AND REMEMBER HAVE FUN..

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