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 Post subject: Ghost Hunt - Preston Hall Museum - 22nd February 2008
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:03 pm 
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Ghost Hunt - Preston Hall Museum - 22nd February 2008

Got to Preston Hall Museum and took a seat while everyone was entering and chatting away. Richard Felix came in about 6.30pm and started talking about ghosts and the paranormal. Most Haunted was discussed along with a great ghost story (I guess you had to be there to see the funny side of it and I wish I recorded this one.) Richard starts

"well your in that old house and your gonna spend the night alone in that room you have never slept in before.... you know the one..... down the corridor. Well you walk to the bar and have a few drinks of whiskey, then you walk down the corridor slowly as the door approaches you, it is raining outside so the sound of rain hitting the window is evident..... you get to the door and open it up, turn the light on, you breath out calmly as there isn't anyone in there..... all of a sudden the lights go out, blast a power shortage..... you hurry to the cupboard and get your candle, light the match, great you got light again. You walk down the corridor and slowly open the bedroom door, you shine the light right, then left and look around the room, you go into bed and blow the candle out and snuggle into bed,,,, ahh safe and sound at last....... but the wind picks up outside and there is a big tree outside with bare braches that look like skeleton hands,,,,,, the branches get blown close to your window and eventually they start lightly scratching upon your window,,,, this wakens you, you still have your eyes closed........ No point in keeping your eyes closed, it knows your awake...... you open your eyes and begin to lift the bed sheets over your face...... you see the shadows of a skeleton figure..... the figure reaches down and reaches under the bed sheets for your legs, you raise your legs up not wanting it to touch you..... you shake with fear................................... Ahhh what a load of nonesence these ghost stories are"

Well the whole crowd just cracked up with laugher the way he said it. He then went onto Question and Answer session.

We all seperated into our groups and started our tour, our group went to the dungeons at first, didn't pick up on much, but I felt very proud and full of laughter as I marched past a medium who took notes, I told him that I got the name Bernie and he was a jolly, happy soul. Not sure if it meant anything. We went onto another 4 area's, our 5th area we held hands in a room trying to contact the spirit world, the male ghost hunter walked around asking for spirit to come forward, well Wendy a lady Medium just said he was laughing at him as he can see him and we carn't see him. Ghost hunter insisted that the male spirit proved he was around as we would not leave unless we had proof of the spirit. Wendy asked for spirit to come close and to use one of the people around the circle to communicate with us, well lucky me I got chosen, I felt a shiver up my right leg and felt like I wanted to sit down on the floor and cry, no idea why, but then the man to the right of me also felt strange and stared to say that he hated me, well I felt the same and I couldn't hold his hand, I had to break the cirlce of protection but couldn't as I know this would not be right, I felt a sharp pain in my left side and I was leaning to my left applying weight to the man to my left, I was burning up as I got asked who I was, I responded 'Mary Ann and I hate the man to my right' (I don't even know who he was) the man to my right was getting cocky and angry, cursing away. Wendy told me to take my hand away from the man on my right which I did very quickly. Wendy held my hand instead as people where stating that my aura was expanding behind me and to make sure that someone was in front of me as I felt as though I would fall forward. I got told to take deep breaths as I got asked to name a song which I named 'Amazing Grace' the circle chanted Amazing Grace and I was just standing still and felt all frozen up like a cardboard cut out. Wendy held me and asked spirit to back away and to leave me alone, chanting Amazing Grace again I took deep breaths as I felt fine after that. I later got told that there was a man and a lady, well the man used to whip the lady and beat her up all the time, he hurt the lady a lot, so she decided to take her own life and commit suicide, she had red hair like mine. It was kinda freaky to be chosen by spirit, but it felt amazing too. As I go to awareness classes I still don't think it was right to break the circle of protection, so before I went to bed I put the bubble of protection over me and made sure I was grounded with the little prey 'lord keep me safe tonight, secure from all my fears, may angels guide me as I sleep, till morning light appears, Amen'

I got a certificate for the night, signed by Richard Felix. I got thre the night with no problems and I would do it again


been contacting spirit since 2006

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