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 Post subject: Acklam Hall - Friday 13 November 2009
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:01 pm 
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Acklam Hall - Friday 13 November 2009
The night was wet as we got there and the building looked ready for a great night.

We listened to Richard Felix and Ian Lawman telling us stories about the supernatural.

We got in our groups and started our tour around the building.

We started at the top of the building, got asked to go 2 by 2 in different toilets or cupboards. I didn't really feel much in the toilets or cupboard. We went on down the corridor till we went into a room with a few windows. This apparently was a room where a lady fell out the top window to her death. Richard Felix joined us and chatted for a while with us.

I found out that many mediums cancelled that night and me and my 2 friends where a bonus in that group as all 3 of us are in the top class of spiritual awareness. So would spirit try and contact us that night we woundered.

We all entered another room where we all sat down, Carol who was from Northern Ghost Investigation was asking around if there was any spirit around. After a few minutes of asking one of my friends had a very deep voice from a man who didn't wish to talk with someone that was lower down then himself. The man was not too happy that we where in his house and was rather stern to the Carol and asked for her to leave.

We stayed a bit longer and I felt the presents of a woman who was not the stern man's wife but rather a mistress. She was telling me that it was a secret and she couldn't say much as the man would throw her our of the house. She was very proud with what she did in secret but also knew the man was in the shadows all the time watching and listening to her. We had to leave the room.

we went into another room where we done a bit of ouiji board and got a little boy who was playing around, didn't get much from him.

We went into another room and held each others hands as we stood up and asked spirit to use one of us to tilt forward to answer yes or back for a no. It was good and I felt that a boy was a keen dancer who was very flexible, but an accident left him wheelchair bound. (my friend got me to the side and said 'that was proof enough with what you said as I heard a group earlier saying something about a boy who had a back injury and was left in a wheelchair')

We went into another room where I felt rather confused as the black phone was not where it should be, I mean 'where was the black phone where I left it and where is the bell to summon my employees.'

Went to another room where people sat on chair or tables, I just wanted to sit in a corner on the floor so I did. A young spirit boy got too close to me, I could make out that he was on the overweight side with chubby cheeks and very happy for himself as he had his hand in some cake. He knew he was naughty, but he enjoyed the cake so much and he was hungry. I got the name 'Andy' for him and the Carol asked what the surname was which he wasn't telling me, I got asked 'is your surname Watty?' I still told them I was not going to say what my surname was. the Carol asked 'do people call you fatty watty by chance?' the whole room started laughing one by one for no reason what so ever. Everyone in the room was laughing but me, this boy was distressed and was so sad about all the name calling, Carol then asked how Andy was and all I could say was that I was sad, very sad. I got asked if there was any more spirit in the room and I said 'yes my brother Craige who is making you all laugh, he is a skinny lizzy and always picks on me, he always puts the blame on me.' As the time went by with everyone still laughing uncontrolably I had to place my hands over my ears to block out the laughter, I was not happy about it all. We had to move on and my friends came over and noticed I was crying, this little boy Andy had indeed came way too close to me and made me feel exaclty how he felt. Carol noticed as the lights went on how upset Andy was and we had to let Andy back off. In 5 - 6 years of being in spiritualism I have never cried with spirit and that is a first, very un expected.

The night was indeed a good night, and so much experience I am glad to of had.

Would I go again on this ghost hunt, yes indeed I would.


been contacting spirit since 2006

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