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 Post subject: Joint investigation to Mainsforth, Ferry Hill
PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:40 pm 
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Mainsforth Community Centre, Ferryhill Saturday 23 February 2013

Teams - North East Paranormal Investigations (N.E.P.I.)
Northern Ghost Investigations (NGI)

N.E.P.I. talked us through some training over EVP's and other things, some usefull knowledge in the little lectures they gave.

We started in the theater where we tried to re create what had happened the previous week with RCJ Paranormal when the table moved alot (click here to see the event). This time as I called out to spirit I tried to get spirit to come forward and to move the table with 4 skeptics around at the same time. I called and called for spirit to come forward with no luck what so ever. Another lady called out for spirit to move the table with no luck either. After a few minutes of calling out Mark decided on pushing the table to see how easy it would be to move the table the same way as the previous week, all pushed the table to show how easy it would be to fake the table movements. Anth then took over on his own and started to move the table with one finger with ease for a minute or so. So it was proven that it was possible to move table with one finger by one person, even another person came forward and tried the same to demonstrate the ease of table movements. We called out again to see if spirit could move the table this time with 4 people around the table with no luck, more people tried also with no movement from table. There was a door bang heard downstairs, so a couple of people went down to see, which could of been the lift re setting. Carol did feel as though she was followed earlier when she came back from the toilet.

The table was then moved onto the stage to see if there would be any movements on stage. I called out and nothing happened. Someone else called out with no luck. While many people where calling out to get the table moving, someone around the balcony did say they could see some shadow close to the doorway to the changing rooms moving around with help with a lazer net which was set up. It was not us as we where close to the stage, watching the table or even on the table.

Myself and Rob walked around the back of stage and changing rooms to make sure there was no one around the stage area just me, Rob and the 4 around the table plus another member taking a video recording, everyone else where sat around the balcony. I was asked to call out a name of George while calling out again. I started calling out and asking if spirit could come forward and use the energy on the table to show that spirit was around. I did mention George and then Anth had said that he picked up on that name while he was around the stage. The table was reported to be rocking on 2 legs. One of the men around the table responded 'what I am getting in my head is 'why the f*** should I perform for you?' We done more calling out. There where some questions asked that the table would move faster with, the table responded more with Rob calling out rather then myself. People around table (Mark, Anth, Carol and someone else) said that they where not moving the table themselves. As the table went dead, we all went for a break.

We then tried to call out with a ghost/white box. Did not get much from the box with the questions we asked, but I am not 100% about the box. It was then taken upstairs to the balcony and was asked more questions with not much luck. I know throughout the 'box session' Carol and a few others felt coldness around them and my left side of the face was also cold.

There was temperature dropping and lifting through 20 minutes, the temperature dropping by 5 within that 20 minutes. Anth did report that the name George Humphrey was on a name placard around the stairs. It was also felt from another member of the other team that it was not so much a dwarf that George was, more like he was crippled.

Me, Carol, Mark and another member from the other team went into a bar. I sensed as though there was a lady sat in one of the chairs. It was brought to our attention that a bucket had moved in that room before from one side of the room to the other. Was also spoken by Mark that there was actually 3 or 4 George's names on a memorial board. NGI left and left some of NEPI team to stay overnight. Good night


been contacting spirit since 2006

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