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 Post subject: The point of disbelief
PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:17 am 
The Ferryman
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There is a trend among certain members of the sceptical community as to their views on peoples stories of the paranormal.

If a persons tells a story that fits into an established and accepted theory such as 'corner of the eye phenomena', they will be more than willing to say that they believe that the witness did indeed experience what they claim to, but that they have just been mistaken. They then go on to explain the 'real' reason that they saw what they did, and in many cases they are probably correct.

However, when a person tells a story that is so precise and 'extreme' that it can't easily be explained away, then their attitude of believing that the witness 'did indeed experience what they say' changes in to one of accusations of lying or bringing someone's mental health into question.

Why is it that they only believe people up to a point?

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 Post subject: Re: The point of disbelief
PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:58 am 
The Ferryman
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We all live our lives pretty "certain" that our view of the world is "right" and anyone who thinks different to us is "wrong".

Religion is always a good example and we always tend to go that way! Person A thinks their God is bigger than Person B who, incidentally, thinks that their God is in fact the biggest.

The have a friendly chat to point out the error of the others way, it gets heated and they get shouty until a few fists fly and they end up nuking each other.

All thats going on - if you remove the details - is that Person A thinks he's right and Person B thinks he's right - and they are both pretty "certain" of it.

I mean, whats the alternative?? Is Person A ready to accept he's believed a "lie" or an "untruth" or has been .. gasp .. WRONG all of his life? Of course he isn't - and even when the plainly obvious is pointed out, he'll scramble around for anything to re-affirm his stance and "prove" he was right all along - on the end of nuke if needed. If the infidel won't bow down to Person A's version of whats "right" - then Person B will get a smack round the noggin' .. :roll:

Anyway - the same thing you point out exists in every subject in existence. Side A thinks they are right - Side B thinks they are right .. and nobody is budging .. To budge is to say "I'm Wrong, You're Right" .. and not many in the world are happy to do that.

Everyone in the world thinks their opinion is "right" .. their way of doing things is "right" .. if we didn't, we wouldn't think what we do or do the things that we do .. and to the individual, maybe it is "right", even when it doesn't fit with the rest of the world. But ultimately, we're not prepared to give up what we think is "right" as it becomes a part of who we are .. if we did give it up .. then we'd admit we've been wrong all of our lives in what we think / do - so people prefer to march blindly on, making the same mistakes they've always made and stubbornly hold onto their views - justifying their opinion and actions with irrational bullshit because the alternative is too much for them to bear. I think we ALL know someone like that .. :D

So, they'll repeat the trivia tit-bits they've gleaned off the back of a corn-flakes box to explain peoples experiences but when those experiences go beyond the trivia they know about, they still cling on to their opinion that they are "right" and you are "wrong" and because you won't listen - you must be mad and if you don't agree - they'll nuke you.

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