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 Post subject: divination
PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 1:53 pm 
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Divination is the art or practice of foretelling the future using different methods that the diviner may decide. The art of Divination has been practised by all countries, cultures and religions around the world for thousands of years.

It was studies over two thousand years ago in China by the study of cracked eggs for Divination. Some of the most popular forms of divination include tarot cards, runes, astrology and dowsing. But in the past there were times in history when divination was considered a crime and in fact still is in many countries today.

How accurate the divination will depend upon the reader.

ICHING, an ancient Chinese system of oracular divination
TASSEOMANCY, the art of reading tea leaves
DOWSINGan old method of divination
AURA INFORMATION, free information on the aura
COLOURS OF THE AURA, what the colours of the aura mean
OUIJA BOARD, how to make and use the ouija board
GRAPHOLOGY, handwriting analysis
SHELL SCRYING, the method of shell scrying
SMOKE SCRYING used by the indians
MIRROR SCRYING the use of mirrors in divination
PENDULUM SCRYING, the methods of pendulum scrying
CLOUD SCRYING, the power of the clouds
WIND, the wind has a voice that may talk to you
EGYPTIAN DREAM SCRYING, may be traced back thousands of years
WATER SCRYING as used by nostradamus
OIL SCRYING, used by the babylonians
LAMP SCRYING, the method of egyptian lamp scrying
ORNITHOMANCY, divinating bird patterns
ORACLE, a type of intermediary
MONITIONS, monitions of approach
LECANOMANCY, throwing stones into water
HAKATA, used by African witch doctors
DELPHI ORACLE, very influential oracle
COSCINOMANCY, divination practiced with a sieve
CRITOMANCY, divination of cakes
CURSED BREAD, divination with bread
DACTYLOMANCY, divination with rings
DAPHNOMANCY, divination with laurel branches
DERMOGRAPHY, psychic phenomenon of skin writing
DJEMSCHEED, a divination cup
EROMANCY, using air and water
CEROSCOPY, wax on water
CELONTES, mystical stone
CARTOPEDY, feet divination
COMMUNIGRAPH, mechanical communication with spirits
CLEDONISM, by use of words
CLEIDOMANCY, divination by use of a suspended key
XYLOMANCY, slav divination
SIBYL, women who lived in caves and were renowned for their gift of prophecy
PHRENOLOGY, the reading bumps on a skull
ARITHMANCY, divination by numbers
ANTHROPOMANCY, using human entrails
ALECTRYOMANCY, divination through birds
ALEUROMANCY, divination with flour
ALPHITOMANCY, using a leaf of barley
BIBLIOMANCY, divination using a book
MOLYBDOMANCY, dropping metal into water
MYOMANCY, divination involving rats
EGGS, divination using eggs
ONYCHOMANCY, by fingernails
OMPHALOMANCY, by the navel
ONIMANCY, based on the observation of angel uriel
PSYCHIC TELEPHONE, the psychic telephone
BELLY TALKERS, mediums with a daemon in their belly
BOOK TEST, initiated by a deceased communicator
BILLET TEST, divination via an envelope
TREMBLING, through hand trembling
PRENESTINE LOTS, divination by lots
POPPY SEEDS, poppy seeds in divination
PLANCHETTE, instrument to communicate with spirits
PHYLLORHODOMANCY, divination with rose leaves
PESSOMANCY, divination with beans
MUSCLE READING, unconscious movements
HIPPOMANCY, celtic divination
HEPATOSCOPY, divination of entrails
GYROMANCY, by going round in circles
LYCHNOMANCY, divination by candle flame
AMNIOMANCY, means of the caul
ARIOLISTS, ancient divination
BELOMANCY, by arrows
AXINOMANCY, divination by axe
LAMPADOMANCY, use of a lamp

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