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 Post subject: are you psychic?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:38 am 
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We are all born with psychic abilities, yet as adults, we use only a small portion of our brain. Have you ever wondered why that is? As we grow and develop as children, the focus of what we are taught is logic, reason and analysis, which are functions of the left hemisphere of the brain. The right brain instinctively knows the answers, while the left brain analyzes the answers. Still, we spend years training the left brain to learn the things considered most valuable in our adult lives.

But what happens in the meantime to our intuitive and psychic abilities? For the most part, they wither away or fall into the background of our awareness as there is no growth or development there. We readily accept the term of "women's intuition" but almost in a laughing manner. That, in fact, is a part of the natural abilities we have that, for the most part, die away as we age and enter the mainstream of life.

Often, children are heard talking and laughing with someone who is not there. They see things most adults do not see and hear things we no longer have the ability to hear. They talk of invisible playmates, but could they be real?

As adults, we have the capacity to develop those talents, and there are many self-help, instructional books and audio tapes available to teach us how to develop and use our natural talents, should we desire. More and more respected authors and psychics are confirming this and offering ways to develop the skills we were all born with. The world moves at such a high tech, fast pace, many have forgotten what it means to find ourselves, embrace who we are inside and stop to smell the roses!

Developing the ability to focus, to become sensitive to others and to our environment, to heighten our awareness and to find a peace and a balance within ourselves, are all attributes worth striving toward. These are necessary qualities that provide a means of being open to all of our senses, even the extrasensory ones. It means knowing and loving ourselves enough to open the doors to allow a higher understanding of what the idle part of our minds are capable of doing, disciplining ourselves to use the gifts accurately, for worthy purposes. By using talents that lay dormant, we might come to a point where we find we understand each other better, because we understand ourselves and the abilities we have.

It is not as difficult a task as it sounds. It is just a matter of taking the time to concentrate and learn how to use the parts of the brain we've neglected. Consider this the next time you wonder about the mysteries of life after life. The answers are there, within us all, we need only to reach inside ourselves to access them.

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