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 Post subject: The Museum of Mind Games
PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 12:28 pm 
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The world's first Psychic Museum has opened in York, the brainchild of astrologer Jonathan Cainer and psychic celebrity Uri Geller. Chris Bond stepped into the unknown. The front door of 35 Stonegate isn't painted bright purple by chance.

The colour is supposedly linked to psychic enchantment and, as the address is home to what is billed as the world's first Psychic Museum, it seems quite apt.

It's called a museum, but is more of an exploration centre for the study of parapsychology and unexplained phenomena, where visitors can try their hand at everything from telekinesis to dowsing.

The idea for the museum, on one of York's most historic streets, came from the North Yorkshire-based astrologer Jonathan Cainer, who bought the former bookshop six years ago.

The museum is already open to the public, with each 90 minute tour, led by the curiously-named tour manager Andy Dextrous, taking visitors around a building which wouldn't look out of place in an Edgar Allan Poe tale.

The story behind the idea, perhaps not surprisingly, is rather odd.

"I'd always been interested in doing something along these lines, and I thought a museum dedicated to telepathy and telekinesis hadn't been done before, and then this very strange thing happened," Cainer says.

"I sat down and was fishing in the psychic pool. I believe that when you're being creative it's as if you can fish something from above your head, so I'm fishing in the creative pool for my idea and this is the first time I've had an idea I've picked up from the creative pool and seen written on the bottom of it 'property of Uri Geller'.

"It was the strangest thing, I've seen people take ideas and try to copyright them, but I've never seen somebody have an idea and put it back but leave it with the name still stamped on it," he says.

"And the minute I had this idea for a psychic museum I thought 'I must ring Uri', I felt like I'd been hypnotised."

Cainer and Geller had met only twice before but when they discussed the idea they both felt it could work.

It has taken several years to get the project off the ground (not even psychic powers can rectify the problems that beset a 15th century building), but the pair believe they are offering something unique.

"This is about encouraging interest in psychic phenomena," Geller says of the museum.

"It's about teaching people and making them understand that there is a sixth sense and it's not magic; this is not Derren Brown territory.

"We truly believe that people going through the museum will come to the conclusion that we do all have some kind of sixth sense, extrasensory perception, maybe even telekinesis."

Cainer agrees.

"I'm convinced these powers exist and it's time we stopped being so cynical and try to understand and develop these powers, so with that in mind I wanted to try and make this place happen.

"If we wanted to make people think they were psychic by using tricks and techniques we could have been open years ago, but we're trying to be genuine about what everybody experiences."

It is a hands-on experience and people get to take part in telepathy games and visualisation experiments.

Cainer admits, though, that the nature of parapsychology means the results can be hit and miss.

"The problem with all this is sometimes they can work like a treat and sometimes they just don't work at all.

"Even people who are very psychic say there are days when they haven't got it or it won't come to them, it's not a phenomenon that many people have control over," he says.

"But we are trying to refine the experience so that everyone who comes here at least walks away thinking that they did something."

The whole notion of the paranormal comes in for a fair amount of stick, especially from the scientific community, but Geller believes attitudes are changing.

"What's happening around the world now is that people are beginning to validate psychic phenomena, whether it's the power of healing, the power of prayer or the power of positive thinking. It does work otherwise people wouldn't be interested in it.

"We've all experienced at some time in our lives a feeling of d

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 2:10 pm 
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Gah .. anything to do with Uri Geller gets a big thumbs down from me!!!! Ok, he seems like and comes across as a kinda nice guy - but I've never known anybody get so much out of a few bent spoons ..

.. And I hate all this "I'll use my psychic energy to heal Rooneys foot" stuff - yes, there may be something in it - it DID work :wink: - but it seems he put too much energy into the lad which ended up him running around like a horney bull and go himself sent off ..

So .. Uri Geller : NO! :evil:

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