The Psychic Tourist by William Little
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Author:  aqualung [ Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:11 pm ]
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I read review of this on an old sheet of Daily Mail newspaper that my mum gave us for the puppy to pee on. Well it was the Daily Mail. It was on the floor at the time and I had to rescue it from the pup. Funny how you find things of interest.

Anyway it sounds fun and a bit like a Louis Theroux programme. Little had bought his sister an astrological chart that put the fear of god into her as it told her that she and her daughter would drown, as it happens they were going on a yachting holiday or something and cancelled it.

Little was so shocked that he wrote this book to investigate if there is anything in Psychic abilities or not. Its got chapters on Sally Morgan and Derren Brown amongst others who are doing readings for money in the states and predict that sitters should buy their books and videos etc.

This book sounds really good.

amazon review:

Product Description

Can people really see into the future? Can someone's life be predicted? Are physicists on the verge of discovering the first time machine? And why does a Nobel prize-winning scientist believe that humans are capable of sensing the future? Following a prediction of his sister's death, William Little sets out to find the truth about the power of fortune telling and prophecy. On a journey that takes him to a witches' coven in a haunted wood, on the hunt for murderers with psychic detectives and to the doorsteps of the world's most powerful and revered psychics, William Little goes on a desperate quest to find out whether people can see into the future - or if the many millions who consult horoscopes, watch TV psychics, or who read Nostradamus are simply being sold a lie.Through a roller coaster ride of mystics, mishaps and mayhem, he discovers uncomfortable facts that make him reassess his beliefs. In a book that answers the unanswerable about what science, psychics and crystal balls can reveal about tomorrow, William Little lifts the lid on the most sought-after destination of them all - the future.

About the Author

William Little is a freelance journalist for the Saturday Telegraph magazine, the Daily Mail, Guardian, The Times, and Financial Times. He has also worked for Arena, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, and contributedarticles to the Independent, the Daily Express and the Big Issue, among many others.

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