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 Post subject: going nuts
PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:52 am 
Scaredy Cat

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i seriously need advice, i have various medical issues, and i have convinced myself i am due to die i heard you see spirits when dying. i can see spirits, energys whatever it is(not body form). it will sometimes move the lightshades etc if i ask, nothing spectacular, slightly. i thought i was tripping so i bought a emf meter it went off lots my room, in a friends though i saw it and switched the meter on and it bleeped too, ive pointed cameras at it few times esp around my baby there are lilac lines. i hold a balloon and it grows bigger, i touch certain people and hairs stand up body and head. last night i was aware the staticy feeling i been getting months it was dark i held up my hands and lines of white light started circle my fingers intense light between my fingers. i look up over quilt etc to see if could see them in wardrobe mirrored doors and it was as though my hand was filling the room with sparks rising then raining down, it was beautiful. then alarming. i cant go on like this everyone thinks i nut job others are scared esp. my daughter.
the baby also sees something when and where i do but its more frequent with him, hes too little to say properly just points man man and smiling and points photo on wall of my grandad who died 27 years ago. he points him in albums etc too. sometimes though he looks woried etc cuddles in and i have to tell go way, now he says go way too. cute. my other son (4) wont sleep in my room says there are monsters!! and before told me to tell it to stop whispering. i told him it was kids in the park over the back to settle him

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 Post subject: Re: going nuts
PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:58 am 
The Ferryman
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Hi Stanekzay, you do sound to be going trough the mill with things at the moment.

First of all I'd just like to say that I've no doubt you are experiencing things you cannot explain, but I would also say I am absolutely certain that this is not a sign that you are going to die. I'm sure some of the NGI mediums will confirm this when they come online later, so try to put this out of your head. Other people including your children seem to be seeing things too so it doesn't seem to be just focussed on yourself.

The fact you've got a lot of EMF in your house is interesting as EMF has been shown to produce many of the phenomena that you've listed. This is perfectly normal and has nothing to do with ghosts and spirits.

If you want these things to stop the best advice that I can give you is try to relax and ignore the phenomena. Being as calm and relaxed as possible has been known to bring these kinds of things to a swifter end. I know this is a tall order but I'd really try and give it a go.

If you really feel you still need help or want someone to talk to I'm sure some of our team would be willing to help. Where are you based?

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