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Author:  coco [ Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:33 pm ]
Post subject:  help

Hello, i'm looking for advice and i don't really know what question to ask or where im going with this really but i'd like some help if anyone knows. i'm going to start by explaining things as simple as i can because some of the things i see/feel are hard to explain on a forum.

i'm 22 years old and have seen/felt things throughout most of my life. My mother see's things and advised me to just ignore what i see as she has had a very bad experience with it, my aunte knows when seriously bad things/attacks are happening or going to happen to family members (mostly the kids in the family) and my sister like me has seen allsorts of things but she is deaf and can only use sign language so its very hard for her to explain also. my mam believes it runs through our family but most want to egnore it. i on the other hand want to learn to understand it.

i'll explain as best i can now what i do see and times i've seen or felt things.

the first big episode i remember happend while on a trip with the school in the lake district (lanehead i think it was called) we were gill scrambleing which from what i can remember is climbing up waterfalls, anyway just my luck me and my friend had both fell from a height into a pool which was very deep with a waterfall going into it, as soon as i hit the water i went into shock due to the cold, i could n't move at all and the gear i was wearing was pulling me down, i obviously couldn't breath and was sinking. i thoght i wasn't going to come out of there and began to realx i opend my eyes and was looking towards where the waterfall was hitting the water, then a flash came from under the water and someone grabed me from underneath by my legs and pushed me up. i got to the top and my teacher and the instuctors pulled me out, i thought my friend who had fell in with me had pushed me up but he was out of the water before i even surfaced.

i tend to see things in peoples houses, i used to work as an intillation engineer for a telecoms company and had lots of experiences with that.

i mostly tend to see black shadows, and lights moving into rooms. in one instance in a room full of people i saw what i can only describe as a black body being draged up the wall of the room and a gurggleing noise. i obviously was a bit on edge as no one else saw it and everyone began to get upset with me. in the same room at a different day and time i saw what looked like a black ball come into the room but was "flapping"? as if if had wings all over it.

while abroad while i was younger staying in an appartment i spent a lot of the time in the room, i became aware of someone looking out of the bedroom door at me. it was definetly a young girl because i heard her talking. no one else in. i was getting a name in my head all the time in that room and the name was maria? once more my mam advised me to egnore it.

at this point i'd like to say that i have questioned my sanity a lot with things like this and it really freaks me out at times lol

to cutt things short i always see what look like black people, i sopmetimes hear talking

i have been to a ghost investigation in a "haunted mine" near saltburn. on the nite a medium was there and i'd seen a young lad in the mine with a black cat, all this was later confirmed by the medium who advised me that i'm sensitive to these things but i would like to understand why the things i see are always black.

do they appear in any other form?
how do i comunicate back?
i can usualy tell if they are male or female due to the feelings i get but thats it really.
any help on this would help me settle a lot i think

sorry its dragged on a lot but as i saw its all hard to explain over a forum, i've got loads more things that i could mention but i would be here all night


Author:  Snake [ Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: help

Hi dude,

im just gonna say wow.I have strange experience but nothing like this,most likely

Author:  pollen101 [ Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: help

Hi coco, thanks for telling us all that, sounds like you've got some very interesting things going on there!
How does this make you feel?
Was your waterfall experience the start of these things or had you had them before?
What were you installing when you experienced things on peoples houses?
When you see these people do you seem them with your 'eyes' like you see other living people or with your 'minds eye' as a lot of mediums 'see'?
Same with the 'talking', how do you experience that?

Was it the Tom Leonard mining museum at Skinningrove?Did the medium there give you any ideas on why you see 'black people' etc?

Why do you think you see 'black people'?
Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

Sorry I cant give you any answers, I'm not you and neither do I know anything concrete about anything, can give my opinion which is at the moment based on what you've said that you've got some interesting things going on which are definately worth exploring!

What are your feelings on the questions you've asked?
Are there any times in particular when you experience these things?

What do you want them to be and what do you want from them?

The others will be about to give you their thoughts on what you've posted, Pam and Bekki are our team sensitives so maybe they can offer you some answers coco!
Go with your gut instinct always is my 'response' to this......I'm sure people will have many views and 'answers' for you.......I'm sure that you will already know them though!

Author:  Bekki [ Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: help

Well I tend to see spirits in a black form if I am for some reason afraid of them, I did at one point see most spirits like this, because I was afraid of my gift, Black tends to denote fear, so that could be because you dont fully understand whats going on.

Sounds to me the experience at the waterfall, could be similar to a near death experience, Sensitivity has been known to increase due to your brief connection to the other side at time like this.

I come from a family who dont like to admit that I am sensitive, and perhaps other members of the family, I think when you are younger this causes you to become afraid of your gift, which makes experiences more negative.

Author:  pam-ngi [ Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: help

hello there,, no your as sane as any so dont fret.. many people lilke you and myself. black shapes donate to me feelings of what your mind is seeing at the moment as this is how it all starts.sooner or later they will form. then you will see clearly and hear. your sensetivity is high like all sensetives.,, but its up to yourself to either let go ,or keep it concealed,, which is better,, my family thought the same ,, that i was mentally unbalanced (i am hehe), but i no it. i still to this day see darker than dark shadows but i no what they are, and yes it can freak you out, but its something you learn in time to no ,, dont turn your back as it will become worse, talk to them, you get answers,, as a child growing up did you here your name being called?do you get vivid pics in your head? names from nowhere?images?from now and the past?if you did , you cannot ignore them, as they are with you always.face them, and it gets better.and welcome to a scary but interesting life. pam-ngi :mrgreen: :wink: :wink:

Author:  coco [ Wed Jun 17, 2009 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: help

Hello and thanks for the reply's i've read through it and from what i can remember the waterfall was the first experience i can think of, seeing the shadows in most cases is scarey for me but ones i see on a regular basis arn't so bad really. but yes on the most part there scarey.
when i was installing in people houses it was digitaltv/braodband and telephone lines. when going into lofts to route or replace old cable was usualy fun but most of my installs were in hartlepool. theres some very big old houses there. i see them with my eyes like i would see anyone else but sometimes i do get images in my head, the talking is in my head. it will just keep repeating especialy when i was in a hotel once and all i kept thinking about was maria? lol but sometimes i can hear voices with my actual ears it seems so quiet that you don't notice at first it's usualy on a night time, when my nana was dying i got it a lot but i also saw light figures as oposed to dark ( there was two of them in my house all the time) but they were more like strange shapes than actual people.

when you say eventualy i will be able to see them will they look like ordinary people?
i want to be able to understand it better and i've been talking to my mam about the reply's here and she says that she talks to the ones she dosen't know she usualy gets really bad vibes from them.
is there any way to be able to see them? or learn more about it?

thanks again for your reply's

Author:  Orbione kenobie [ Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: help

Shadow people = Negativity simple as that.

If you experience these entity's first hand as i have then you will know this is true. :wink:

And those that feel comftable around them are moving down the wrong path as far as spiritual progression is concerned.

This is my personal view from my own experiences. :wink:

Author:  pam-ngi [ Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: help

your right wayne,,, but its still the beginning of becoming like us :wink:

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