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 Post subject: Chestnut Street - Ashington Northumberland
PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 10:37 am 
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This is not my experience, i found it while searching Google for haunted places in Ashington. This is someones story,

"This has to be the most haunted house I have heard of, and was the first truly haunted house I ever came across, that wasn't "just a story" to me.

This is Chestnut Street, Ashington, Northumberland, which was the home of my great grandmother and her family that they lived in from the early 20th century until just before I was born in 1966.

The first time I ever heard about this house was when my mother and I were visiting my great Aunt Elsie for tea one night. Great Aunt Elsie is the daughter of my great grandma, and she also lived in Chestnut Street with her husband and young children in the early years of their marriage until they got their own house. Some of Elsie's children were even born in that house.

The night I was visiting Elsie with my mum, we were all chatting away about that house when my mum and Elsie mentioned "the sugar bowl incident" and looked at each other in a fearfully secretive and knowing way, as if they were hiding something. I then insisted they tell me about this, and they then described the following incident.

Elsie's husband Dan was a miner working on night shift, and my great grandma was away on a trip, so Elsie was on her own in the house with her two little daughters. Wanting company, she nvited my mother over to stay, who was 13 years old at the time. My mum came over, and later on they were having tea at the table. By that time, Uncle Dan had come off night shift, and as is the way with miners, he had a few pints after finishing his shift and was a little drunk. They were sitting at the table, when suddenly in front of all three of them, the sugar bowl lifted up off the table and stayed suspended in the air for a second so they all could see it clearly several feet above, before falling fast to the floor just beyond the table.

My mum and Elsie both just sat jaw-dropped and wide eyed, until Uncle Dan began accusing them of tricking him when he knew he couldn't be so drunk as to see the sugar bowl lift itself in the air like that!

After discussing this story, my aunt Elsie then said to my mum "yes, but I never told you about why I invited you over that night did I?" She looked sheepish, and then began to tell us of the previous night's events:

Elsie was on her own in the house with her two babies upstairs, and Dan was working at the mine. She had been asleep on the bed when suddenly she woke very alert to know "something" was in the room. She then reported all of a sudden being lifted into the air above the bed, and then violently swung around in a circle as if by a great force. She was then forcefully thrown back on the bed, where she lay terrified and frozen for several hours until Dan came home. She then insisted my mother came over to stay with her.

We were amazed to hear this, could it be true? Aunt Elsie is a little eccentric, but not out of the loop and has a sound mind, and not known for being untrustworthy, so we believed her.

Following from this, my uncle Dan has since told me of many of his own experiences in this house. When he came off night shift he used to sleep in that bedroom on his own during the day. He told me of several times when he was lying on the bed then felt arms holding him down, one time hands grabbing his arm and pinning it to the bed. He also reported waking to find himself suspended above the bed, then dropped down.

Their daughter Elsa was born in this house. She has also told me she had exactly the same experience many times but sleeping in the small box room next door, finding herself in the middle of the night suspended above the bed.

Elsa's sister was also a child in this house, and later married a man called Norman, who is a very practical down to earth bloke who doesn't believe in ghosts. However even he had a very bizarre experience in this house, when he was decorating the hall and stairway for my great grandmother. He reports being up a high ladder painting the wall, when suddenly he felt the ladder was grabbed by a force that was pushing it over. He had to brace himself against the wall to stop getting shoved over, and another time felt hands grab him to try to push him off. He got down and refused to continue the job for fear of his life or injury.

There are more stories I have heard about that house, after my family left it in the 1960s, as I have met and spoken to subsequent people who lived there, but I will save those for another post."

He then claims to have gone back to Chestnut St recently

"I went and had a look at 85 Chestnut Street yesterday, as I am currently up in Ashington and had to visit a nearby shop. Just looking at it from the outside it looks like a normal harmless terraced mining cottage. Very small little house on a long street. As I said earlier, there were other ghostly events that happened at this house, too many for one post. So, here's the next part of the story:

Just after my aunt Elsie and my mum had told me what had happened years ago, when my mum was 13 and they saw the sugar bowl levitate and move over the table, as we were now in the mood all three of us decided to visit the Ashington Spiritualist Church on Laburnum Terrace. My aunt Elsie had been a regular there for years ever since the events at Chestnut Street. I had never been to a Spirituatist Church before so was full of anticipation, aged 14.

We went along and were sitting near the front when my aunt Elsie elbowed me and whispered that there was a little old lady sitting at the back of the hall, "you see that old lady, well, she's the woman who had grandma's house at Chestnut Street after we had it. She also started coming here because she had things happening to her in that house".

I was fascinated, and decided to go and speak to the old lady, despite my Aunt Elsie's embarrassed protests.

The lady was a small timid person, who was very pleasent when I approached and asked her about the house, but very nervous and fearful when she told me about events there.

This is what she said to me:

"Oh, yes, lots of things used to happen in that house. I started coming here because of Chestnut Street.

It all started when me and my husband would be in bed, just settling down,and our bedroom door would open on its own. It didn't just open but the handle would go down like someone had hold of it, and it would open about half way. This would happen every night at the same time, around 11pm. We were too afraid to go and check it, we knew no one was in the house.

One night after a few months of this, I decided I will go and check it. So I got up and went onto the landing, and there on the stairs was an old lady, just sitting there looking at me.

The other thing that happened was when I would go next door to the neighbours, I would turn all the lights off and shut the doors, and go next door for a cup of tea. When I came back, every time all the lights would be on in the house, and the doors would all be open, even the front door once or twice.
I knew I hadn't left them on. Then one day I came back into the house and there was a man standing next to the fireplace in the living room, and he was dressed in an RAF uniform, just standing there looking at me. He was there for a few seconds then disappeared. I started coming here after that"

The next thing I found out was from my uncle Dan, Elsie's husband, on another day I visited them both.

This time Dan was in the kitchen chatting about this house. He reminded Elsie about another man who took the house, many years later. Elsie and Dan were in a local working man's club having a drink, when another miner they knew, started chatting to them about a new house he'd been allocated by the Coal Board. He was very pleased as he said it was much better than his current house he and his wife & child were in. Dan asked him which house it was and he said it was 85 Chestnut Street. Elsie kicked Dan under the table not to say anything, in case they scared him or he thought they were weirdos.

Dan told me this man was a big tough sort of bloke, a real down to earth miner, but a big chap. He shouldn't be scared of anything. The man said he wasn't going to move his family in straight away,as it all needed decorating, so he was going to move in himself for a few weeks and do the work and then his family would move in later.

Several days later they met the man again in the club, where they were regulars. The man said "I don't know how the hell they get in, but someone must have a key to that house, I keep hearing the doors open and someone moving about upstairs, footsteps, but when I search there is no one there. They must be fast and get out somehow"

A second time they met him, he again said he had someone coming into his bedroom at night, "had tried to make a grab for him" but got away quickly.

They met him nearly two weeks later and the man said he was now sleeping downstairs, refusing to sleep upstairs, and that he didn't know what it was but there was something not right about that house, that people were upstairs but he couldn't find them or see them, but someone had grabbed him in the night again.

The most alarming thing is, my uncle Dan said the family never moved in, as just before they were due to move in, the man was found dead in the living room apparently of inexplicable causes but they supposed it was a heart attack,and uncle Dan said probably of shock.

As I said, this house was always an unlucky house with many unfortunate deaths in our family over a generation, and I wonder if this is down to pure coincidence or paranormal influence."

very strange, this is the website if you want to read peoples comments ... =134&p=531

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 Post subject: Re: Chestnut Street - Ashington Northumberland
PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 10:52 am 
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That's a great tale. I find personal stories like this one a lot more interesting than the usual folk tales. It would be interesting to know if strange things still happen at no. 85.

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 Post subject: Re: Chestnut Street - Ashington Northumberland
PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 10:58 am 
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i actually went by no 85 the other week in my car, it didn't seem like anyone residing there at the moment, the blinds have always been down in every room each time i have went by.

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