Welcome to my blog

Welcome to Marks first blog post

Hello and welcome to my fist blog. I’ll be using this space to express my own views on all things paranormal and also to give a personal account of the investigations that I undertake with NGI.

First of all I would describe myself as a skeptical believer, by which I mean that while I am convinced that paranormal events do occur, I do not jump straight to paranormal conclusions when the ‘strange stuff‘ happens. Saying that I believe that people do actually see ghosts and experience other paranormal phenomena doesn’t mean that I am convinced that the spirits of our dear departed are causing the effect. At the moment I don’t know what is to blame, and this is one of the reasons for joining NGI as I want to find out for myself.

I am of the opinion that we should utilise both scientific means and also spiritual means in our quest for answers. I am not one to take the words of mediums at face value (indeed I have yet to be totally convinced by any medium), but in my experience they have provided some compelling ‘evidence’ in the past that warrants further investigation. I would not say that using purely scientific methods is necessarily a good thing either, as there is a chance that we may indeed be dealing with the spiritual. My philosophy is that you should use anything you have available to collect data. As long as you keep a logical head on your shoulders you shouldn’t go wrong.

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