The McOrville Inn, Elwick

Account of the NGI investigation at the McOrville pub

The McOrville Inn – Elwick

15th August 2009

NGI – Mark, Jay, Claire, Carol, Bekki, Julie, Phil, James

The McOrville Inn, at Elwick Village near Hartlepool is  a traditional English pub. It was named after a famous racehorse that was bred in the village in the nineteenth century.

The team had decided to meet up from 10pm for a drink (non alcoholic) and a chat before the pub closed for the night. We seem to have had a bit of a glut of pub investigations of late which haven’t really proved that fruitful, but we were all hoping that tonight would be different.

McOrville Inn

We got off to a pretty late start due to the fact that a handful of locals had decided to stop back for a while and treat us all to some ‘singing’ (Hello TC if your reading this), so it was around 12.30am when the last of the ‘happy’ revelers departed the building. We were also joined by Hannah who teaches physics who was a welcome addition to our team for the night.

To start with we decided to split up into three groups and spend some time (20 mins) in each of the three primary locations just to get ourselves acquainted with the building.

We would then meet back and discuss what we thought would be the best plan of action for the rest of the night. I accompanied Claire, Jay and Hannah to the stables out the back. We walked past an area where Darren the Landlord had pointed out a wall with some bricks in it that contained human fingerprints. The story goes that they were the fingerprints of children who worked making the bricks. Apparently there wasan accident and the ‘soft’ bricks fell on the children who put there hands up to protect themselves resulting in their fingerprints getting imprinted into the bricks. An unlikely but fun tale, but there are certainly fingerprints on the bricks so who knows.


The ‘fingerprints’ in the bricks

There were four stables in all as well as a little side room so we decided to split up and stand in each of them in silence just to see what happened. As I stood there in the darkness listening to Jay crashing into things and Hannah getting a bum full of wood splinters, I did start to feel a bit light headed, but I put that down to the smell of what I thought was paint fumes that filled the stable that I was in. Other than than I didn’t have anything to report.

Before the end of out 20 min vigil, we were met by Phil and Bekki who had been down in the pub’s cellar for their first location. Apparently Bekki (a sensitive) and the usually unflappable Phil had only managed to spend 7 mins in the cellar before having to leave. They were convinced that there was ‘something’ down there with them that seemed to follow them round the kegs of beer. This sounded very promising, but it was our turn to sit in the main bar area next.

McOrville Bar

We spread ourselves out throughout the bar and again it proved to be a quiet little vigil for me, but it was the cellar next so I was still hopeful. The cellar proved to to be noisy, cramped and dark. I felt a little dizzy as I descended the wobbly, narrow stairs, but it was hardly surprising given the smell and the sheer amount of wiring and buzzing equipment in the area. It was not a comfortable environment at all as I sat on a keg, but I did not feel the sheer panic that had befallen  Bekki and Phil earlier. Perhaps what ever ‘it’ was had moved away. This vigil over we all met back in the main bar area to decide what we were going to do next.

I decided to set up my night vision camera up in the area of the main bar near the cellar door as this is the area that Bekki thought she had seen a ‘shadow’ earlier, and was an place that a few others in the group felt drawn too. While the others were still sorting out other investigation details, I persuaded Phil to accompany me back down into the cellar to see if it would make any difference to his opinion of the place if he went down with someone who did not share his ‘feelings’. Again I didn’t feel anything but it was apparent that Phil was still a bit shaken up by his earlier experience. He did begin to calm down after a while though. I set up my digital thermometer on a keg and it showed that the cellar was 23 degrees C. We stood chatting in the darkness for a while and heard clicks coming from the corner that were almost certainly caused by one of the many pieces of machinery. We ‘called out’ for signs of spirit just in case but nothing was forthcoming. As we stood there the temperature continued to slowly drop. Phil exited the cellar to rejoin his group and I was again joined by Claire, Jay and Hannah, plus Bekki who had decided to give the cellar another chance.

McOrville Cellar

Within 10mins the temperature had dropped from 23 degrees C to 16 degrees C which I found quite significant. Sure it was getting later in the night, there was a refrigeration unit in the corner (which was turned off), and there was a slight breeze coming from down the barrel run, but there were still five bodies giving off heat in a cramped cellar. I moved the digital thermometer to three different locations around the cellar but the temp continued to fall. Jay complained in a ‘change of pressure’ at one point which I felt too. Claire was sat on the cellar steps trying to tune into the environment and attempt to ‘pick up on things’ as I presume Bekki was too. Any results they may have got will appear on the full team report at a later date.

Any EMF readings were impossible to detect accurately with our equipment in the Cellar as there was so much electrical equipment present that the whole place was off the scale. This may account for peoples feelings of discomfort in this area.

By this point is was around 3.30am and Julie, Phil and Hannah decided to call it a night. The remainder of the group decided to sit round a table in the back of the bar and hold a seance to see if anything could be persuaded to come forward. We tried calling out to the spirit of a young boy that Claire was feeling who had some connection with tunnels (but not coal mining) and also to the spirit of a boy called ‘Gus’ who mediums on a previous investigation at the Inn had picked up on. This resulted in little success other than the occasional ‘strange feeling’ from some of the sitters.

Other people did see/sense various other things throughout the night, from people called ‘Robert’ to ‘Black Dog like shapes’ but that is best left for the team report and not my personal record of the night. Yet again, it was very quiet as far as I was concerned, but I did enjoy the it. I’ve got tons of footage to watch and recordings to listen too so you never know I may be sitting on some fantastic ‘evidence’ and I don’t even know it. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. i have been in the mc. corville before .a young boy spirit came to me and said there were tunnels underneath and he was kept down there because he was front of the bar i kept seeing a was about 4feet was there befor the mc.corville was built.the boy said.i was there with a lady friend and she picked up on things too

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