Pre NGI paranormal stories

Pre NGI paranormal stories.

Since joining NGI I have experienced a few strange things that I cannot explain, however my weirdest experiences happened to me many years ago before NGI was even in existence.

It was around 14 years ago and I was living at my parents house in Stockton-on-Tees. It was a Wednesday afternoon and my mate Dave had come round for our usual weekly chat. I was going to be getting a new computer in the next couple of days and was worried that it would be too large to fit on the desk in my room. I had purposely cleared my desk of all my junk to get Dave’s opinion on whether he thought it would fit. After that we immediately tramped downstairs to watch a video.

As the video came to an end our conversation turned to paranormal matters (as they usually did). We were talking about psychic ability when I remembered that I had a word association test in a book upstairs that was supposed to test how likely you were to be strong psychically. We though it would be fun to try the test so we both went back upstairs to fetch the book from my bookshelf. On entering my bedroom I got a bit of a shock. There, on my newly cleared desk, was the very book we had been talking about. We both looked at each other not knowing what to say. We were the only people in the house and had been in each others company the whole time. Neither of us has gone up stairs to use the toilet during the video or anything like that.

The very next night I was staying up to watch Prisoner Cell Block H (Let’s get the jokes over now shall we) with my parents. During the first commercial break I went up to my room to fetch a pillow off my bed, as I often used to do when watching late night TV. I had a cabin bed at the time with curtains that pulled across it. I never used to close the curtains but I was shocked on this occasion to find the curtains totally closed. I had been in the room 15 minutes earlier and they had been open and both my parents had been in the same room as me the whole time. Both this and the book incident were starting to really make me believe that we had some sort of poltergeist phenomena taking place in our house.

The next incident happened a few days later when my mother and I were making a list for something, I forget what. She had been writing with a free pen that we got from a Holiday Inn. She put the pen down on the table as we chatted about something or other. When she went to pick the pen up again it had completely vanished. Neither of us has seen where it went and we searched high and low. Not that it could really have gone anywhere except on the floor beneath the table. It never did turn up.

By this stage I was waiting for the next strange event to happen but it never did. Whatever had been going on in our house that week all those years ago didn’t seem to want to play anymore and the events remain a mystery to me to this very day.

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