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Over the years NGI have been asked for our ‘expert’ opinion of various paranormal matters. We have always had to keep telling people that we are not really experts as in reality there aren’t any. All we can do is offer an informed opinion based of years of studying the field and the countless theories and solutions that have been put forward for certain kinds of activity.

Of course there are experts in academic fields such as psychology, or in skilled areas such as electrics, that could have a direct link to an alleged paranormal case, and more often than not our job is to identify the most likely cause and help the client get the help that they need.

The problems arise when ‘Paranormal Teams’ do indeed think that they are instant experts because they have seen every episode of ‘Ghost Hunters‘ or ‘Most Haunted‘. Of course such teams will almost certainly deny this, and often criticise the aforementioned programmes, while at the same time employing the very model and explanations that they’ve witnessed on screen. They go to places to ‘look for ghosts‘ instead of going to places ‘to look for answers as to what could be causing any reported phenomena‘.

That’s not to say that all paranormal programming is rubbish, but most, if not all of the techniques employed in them are still only theories and should not been regarded and passed on as solid fact. There has been so much good research written in books over the years that teams would be better off doing a bit of reading then relying on the goggle box. You may have seen every episode of ‘Casualty‘ but that doesn’t make you a doctor!

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