My Top 5 NGI Investigations

Top 5 haunted locations in the North East

Here are my top five ‘Haunted’ places that I’ve been to with Northern Ghost Investigations:

5. Preston Hall – Eaglescliffe

I’ve been lucky enough to attend two charity ‘ghost hunts’ at this fantastic location with TV’s Richard Felix and Ian Lawman. While both nights were fairly quiet on the paranormal activity front, one event does stick in my mind.

Whilst in the ‘Toy Room’ Diane (guest medium) said she could feel the presence of a ‘little boy’. She gave the name ‘James’ who’s surname was possibly ‘Kilbride ‘ or ‘Kirkbride’. She felt that he was eight’ years old and had died of a asthma attack within the last 20 years. Not having been impressed by mediums in the past and knowing nothing of any ‘little boy’, I just nodded with interest, and took note of the information. I didn’t give it any more thought until we were back at the hall for another charity ghost hunt a few weeks later.

Whilst in the ‘Toy Room’, Pam, the NGI medium who had been in Greece the last time we had been at the Hall, said she could feel the presence of a little boy. She too gave the name ‘James’ and the age of ‘eight’. She also said that she felt he had ‘breathing difficulties’. She did feel that he had been at the Hall while it was still a private house which would have been more than 20 years ago which is the only thing that differed from Diane’s account. We then heard a few ‘Knocks’ in the room/haunted corridor shortly after Pam has told me this.

I am as sure as I can be that both of the mediums have never met (either before or after this event), I did not tell or write down the information from the fist investigation until after the second investigation and I was the only NGI member other than the mediums present.

To my knowledge there are no records of an eight year old boy call James connected to the Hall but the investigation continues.

4. The Castle Eden Inn – Castle Eden

Northern Ghost Investigations visited this location in 2008. It was while upstairs in the guest rooms (under refurbishment) that I was to experience my best audible phenomena to date. Carol and myself were in the ‘sofa room’ at the end of the corridor while Claire and Jay were sat in the room next door. After sitting in silence for a while Carol began to ‘call out to spirit’. She said she was going to bang on the wall twice and she wanted a reply. Carol knocked twice and immediately there was a definite response of two loud knocks (not the usual faint tapping). Carol repeated the experiment and again there was a response. The whole event was clearly heard by Jay and Claire who said that the knocking seemed to be coming from the empty ‘shower room’ to the opposite side of the room they were in.

Carol and myself waisted no time in relocating to the ‘shower room’, in the hope that the ‘knocking’ would continue when we were in there. Alas this was not to be, as is so often the case. Despite further efforts there were no more noises to be heard although we never did get to the bottom of the knocking.

3. Darlington Civic Theatre – Darlington

In December 2008, Northern Ghost Investigations investigated Darlington Civic Theatre. The strangest event for me happened during our second vigil. Fellow NGI member Phil and myself, along with three ‘guests’, were sat in Signor Pepe’s Box, talking in hushed tones about the ghosts that were supposed to the theatre. At 12.34 am we were all startled by what can only be described as the sound of a handful of gravel being forcefully thrown against the metal safety curtain that was dividing the stage from the auditorium.

There was another group conducting a vigil on the stage behind the metal curtain, so I presumed it must have been one of them knocking something over, so I just logged the event and planned to ask them what had happened in the break between vigils.

On speaking to Carol, an NGI team member who was leading the other group, she told me that they had also been startled by the loud noise, and agreed that it sounded like a shower of small stones, but they had presumed that it was my group making the racket. Upon hearing this, Phil and myself went and made a thorough investigation of the area around the safety curtain, but could find no sign of gravel or anything else that could account for the noise. There were only two groups in the area at the time and everyone was accounted for. The noise remains a mystery.

2. The Schooner Hotel – Alnmouth

This will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first investigation that I went on with Northern Ghost Investigations. It was very much of a case of beginners luck as this was the night of the (in)famous ‘Dancing Wardrobe’ incident.

We were split into 3 small groups between rooms 28, 29 and 30 with our ‘medium’ Pam conducting a group seance from the corridor outside. After a short while the occupants of room 29 heard what sounded like a ‘growl’ in the room, this was followed by the wardrobe in the room rocking and banging itself against the wall quite loudly. I was in room 28 and heard the racket as well as peoples reactions to it. I only wish I had been in room 29 to witness it move with my own eyes, but it was a good start to my paranormal investigations.

1. The Cleveland Tontine – Junction of the A19 and A172.

I went into this Investigation not expecting much to be honest, but as is so often the case, it was to prove to be one of my most interesting nights to date. This was the night that Jay saw his ‘ghost’.

Pam, Jay and myself were in a function room that we had affectionately named the ‘Brothel Room’ due to it’s flamboyant decor. We were sat in darkness with a dim light coming in through the window. After around 10 mins Pam said that she could sense there was a spirit with us in the room. Almost immediately a loud noise of what sounded like a chair being dragged along the floor was heard coming from the other end of the room. I was first on my feet and rushed (as quick as I could in the low light conditions) to investigate, with Pam and then Jay following on behind me. Unable to find anything amiss in the room I proceeded to slip out of the door to check and see if any of the other groups had gone back to the base room and made the noise. There wasn’t anyone to be seen so I went back into the ‘Brothel Room’ to rejoin Pam and Jay.

On entering the room Jay seemed in a state of confusion. Apparently he had been following Pam and had seen what he thought was me standing by the large potted plant near the door. As he watched Pam pass this dark figure, it stepped out behind her and began to follow in her footsteps. Jay actually spoke to this figure he assumed to be me, but there was no reply. As Pam reached the door Jay saw the figure walk deeper into the room and away from Pam. Jay then realised that he had heard the door go a short while ago and asks the dark figure, still assuming it is me, whether I had heard it. Obviously, there was no reply. This was the moment that I returned to the room and caused Jay’s confusion. Looking back for the figure it was no longer visible as light from outside was flooding into the room.

As we discussed the event, I felt a strong cold breeze hit me. The breeze was so strong that it caused the large pot plant’s leaves to rustle. This was also felt by Pam and Jay heard what sounded like a ‘few breaths’. This is my most impressive event to date since I’ve been with NGI but hopefully there are bigger things to come.

Later in another blog I will list my top five ‘Haunted Locations’ that I’ve visited outside of NGI.


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