I don’t believe in ghosts anymore!

I don’t believe in ghosts anymore!… there, I’ve said it.

I suppose I should really say that I don’t believe that ghosts are spirits of our dear departed anymore, as I do still very much believe that people have genuine ghostly experiences. I’m not sure when I actually changed my viewpoint as I think it’s been a gradual thing over the years that I have been investigating this fascinating subject.

When I was young I had no question in my mind that ghosts were the dead come back to haunt the living. I was fascinated by early ghost photos such as the ‘Brown Lady of Raynham Hall‘ and the ‘Giant Monk of Newby Church‘ and I didn’t doubt their authenticity for a minute. I devoured accounts of ghosty encounters in books and blindly took the authors word for them, after all they’d written a book, how could they possibly be wrong?

As I moved into adulthood my views changed little and It wasn’t until I started to participate in active paranormal investigation (as opposed to the armchair variety) around ten years ago that things started to change somewhat.  I’ll hold my hands up and say that wanting to get more actively involved was partly due to a certain (in)famous TV show as it made things look pretty exciting. I was eventually invited to join NGI which back then did resemble what I’d seen on TV and it didn’t take me long to start wasting my money on all sorts of gadgets.

I got pretty excited when I filmed my first ‘orb’, recorded my first ‘EVP’ and spend hours upon hours asking for any spirits present to ‘make themselves known; which they usually did to by giving a faint ‘tap’ somewhere in the room after calling out for around the 36th time.

So what happened? … Well I started to think for myself and actually did some ‘investigating’ instead of just going along with the popular paranormal theories and ‘ghost hunting’ techniques of the day. All too often these seem to be more about reinforcing belief systems that actually trying to get to the real cause of the suspected phenomena.

It seems incredible that so many self proclaimed paranormal investigators are still taking their cues from reality television programmes in this day and age. Worse still they are bringing such techniques into peoples homes. Having spoken to some genuinely concerned people about their ‘paranormal fears’ over the years the potential to cause real harm by ‘playing the ghost hunter’ is very real, even if the investigators are acting with the best of intentions.

I’m often asked that if I ‘don’t believe in spirits any more, then why do I spend so much time looking into reports of them?’ My answer is my personal ‘belief’ shouldn’t really enter into the matter. For all I know sprits of the dead may indeed exist (and I hope they do), but until we get some credible evidence of their existence you have to investigate all paranormal claims from an objective standpoint and not let your desire to find ‘ghosts’ get in the way of the facts or else you are doomed before you even start.

Please don’t for one minute think that this means that if you contact NGI with suspected paranormal activity that you won’t be believed. On the contrary the vast majority of cases we have dealt with have involved genuine, honest people and we owe it to them be as honest as we can in return with our help and advice. We’ll always do everything we can to get to the bottom of the alleged activity or bring things to a satisfactory conclusion whilst all the time refraining from feeding people myths, pseudoscience or plain old fashioned bullshit.

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