‘Demonic Encounter’

My chilling 'Demonic' encounter at Danby Castle

I just thought I’d write a short blog about a truly terrifying encounter that I had recently.

Not so long ago NGI conducted an investigation at Danby Castle (a full report to follow in the reports section soon). We had split up to spend 10mins in each of the castles locations to get ourselves acclimatised to the building. It was when I was alone in the old wine cellar that I had my encounter.

After a few minutes standing by myself in complete darkness I decided to try a bit of calling out. Almost immediately the room was filled with what I can only describe as a gutteral grunting from the very pits of hell. As I fumbled to turn on the torch that was attached to the peak of my cap the noise continued to increase in volume and reverberate off the ancient stone walls.

Demon Eyes

‘Demon’ Eyes

The room was illuminated by my small ‘cap-light’ and I scanned the area for the source of this ungodly racket. Looking up the the small slit ceiling window, I was confronted by two huge saucer shaped eyes that burned into my very soul. Frozen to the spot I reached for my camera to take a photo of this creature from the netherworlds. The beast remained undaunted by my flash, so I (bravely) moved even closer to get another shot.

It was on viewing this second image that the culprits identity was revealed to me. I have reproduced the photo here and I will refrain from commenting on it to allow you make you own decision on this Barguest of the Beyond.

The 'Demon' Revealed

Truly terrifying!

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