An Introduction To Mark


 Mark Smith (doktor_phibes)

NGI job title: Paranormal Investigator, General Dogsbody 

Skeptic or Believer: I’ve a skeptical way of looking at everything, but believe that paranormal events occasionally happen.

Favourite location: Bran Castle – Transylvania (oo get me, I’ve been to Transylvania). If we’re talking this county then I suppose I’d go for Chillingham Caslte.

Favourite paranormal evidence: The Famous ‘Brown Lady of Raynham Hall’ Photo and The Enfield Poltergeist. As for personal ‘evidence’ it would have to be the three instances of Poltergiest activity that I experienced in my home as a teenager. These invoved a ‘teleporting’ book, closing curtains and a disappearing pen.

Since joining NGI I always seem to be in the next room when it all kicks off. I was next door during the Schooner ‘Dancing’ Wardrobe incident so I only heard it, I was next door when Jay saw his ‘Ghost’ and only caught the aftermath and I was on the floor below in the Golden Fleece when Carol was ‘attacked’ by another wordrobe smashing her in the face. I couldn’t fail to hear the screams from all who witnessed it though.

Why investigate the paranormal? Was fed up of reading about other peoples paranormal encounters over the years, and wanted some of my own. Oh and it great fun to get out with a crazy group of likeminded people such as NGI.

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