An Introduction To Louise


 Louise (Louby)

NGI job title: Paranormal Investigator

Skeptic or Believer: I’m a sceptic until I’m laid in bed on my own with the lights out and then Im a full blown believer!

Favourite location: Tan Hill Inn and Cleveland Police Stables

Favourite paranormal evidence: When I was a young child I used to wake up numerous nights to small children holding hands doing ring of roses around my bed. As I got older their sightings ceased. More recently would have to be when I heard a female’s voice in the Cleveland Police Stables Ormesby Hall and the phantom cigar smoke blown in my face and a 13 degree temperature drop on demand on a static thermometer in a bedroom when investigating Tan Hill Inn. My biggest anticlimax, I’m sorry to say, would have to be The Schooner. I think I romanced the location due to its history and fount it very uneventful. Maybe I will have to go with Carol next time!! You can book a venue but you can’t book the ghosts!!

Why investigate the paranormal? I got into the strange, weird and unexplained when coming across a book in my nannas house of unexplained mysteries and the book fell open on Spontaneous Combustion. My young brain at the time could not comprehend the image I was seeing before me. This ignited the passion in me to become an investigator.

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