To Be A Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunting, huh? With the rise in popularity over the last couple of years of TV shows like Most Haunted in the UK and Ghost Hunters in the US, many more people are now aching to get involved in spending nights in haunted castles and pubs looking for a ghost or two!

We’ve all got a fascination with ghosts, spooks and specters and with what, if anything, lies on the other side once the Grim Reaper has paid us a visit. Are our departed loved ones going to be waiting for us? Can we hang around and keep watch over those we’ve left behind? Can we rattle some chains and scare the wot-sits out of the living who poke around a dark haunted castle looking for a ghost?

I’ve been ghost hunting, studying the paranormal and investigating alleged haunted locations for quite a while now. In some ways, I’m lucky to live in England with the rich history spanning centuries. Old Castles dot the landscape where many a brutal death took place either at the hands of viscous lords of the land or in sieges and battles that fill English history. Coaching Inns which attracted travellers and the local riff-raff. Cut-throats and highwaymen who’d sooner stab you in the gut and steal your purse than buy you an ale. Surely with that history, haunted England is exactly the place a ghost hunter should be.

Yes, I’m a Ghost Hunter

These places and more have served as a backdrop for my research over the years and I’ve come across plenty of things on dark nights which certainly makes me think there is something beyond this physical world in which we live.

Oh, its not all like you see on the TV. Sitting in cold puddles inside crumbling castles with the wind biting at you for hours on end is not the most enjoyable past-time, I accept. But when something occurs : footsteps from an empty room, the laugh of a woman when nobody else is present, temperatures dropping sharply for no apparent reason, the atmosphere being charged with a presence, the flash of a figure in the corner of your eye. Was that a ghost? Then it’s all worth it.

All the fight or flight flags get hoisted. The hairs on the back of your neck standing erect with your heart pounding in your chest. You try and keep your voice steady as you ask out if any spirit is there with you to knock twice to give you a sign, the slight pause as you wait and then just as your to ask again – knock-knock. Your heart almost bursts out of your chest at this point as you know, yes know, your not alone.

It’s truly exhilarating. Makes all those hours of squatting in a puddle for nothing, worth it.

When I first started this I was the typical 50/50 guy. Maybe ghosts existed, maybe not – but I’ve experienced enough things over the years to realise that there is some thing going on. I’m not yet persuaded to fully believe that the ghost of Great Aunt Mable is coming back to look over us – but I’ll definitely say there is something going on beyond this physical world in which we live.

If you get the chance to get out there on a ghost hunt then take it. If nothing else you get to spend a night in some great places that maybe you wouldn’t have visited otherwise. But then you’ll get that moment when you don’t know whether to run or stand and that dead dude reminds you just how truly alive you are.

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  1. I’m just wondering were would be the best place to find and book a weekend haunting investigation break would be very grateful

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