An Introduction To Jay



NGI job title: Part Time Slacker

Skeptic or Believer: Impossible to say. I’m as giddy as a Schoolgirl with a crush on Sir when faced with some things I’ve experienced before the “Hold On There Tiger” mentality kicks in and I blame dust. Its always dust. Remember that. Even if your head’s being bit off by a transvestite demonic entity – its only dust – so don’t worry about it.

Favourite location: Castle Keep. I just like castles, forget about any ghosts. Castles are cool.

Favourite paranormal Experience: Number one would have to be the infamous “dancing wardrobe” up at the Schooner. Heralded initially by the Schooner Growl within room 29, the wardrobe then tipped forward by itself before slamming back into the wall before rocking and tipping about on its 4 short legs. Shortly after, it repeated its trick and then finished off with “bangs” on the top as though somebody was slapping the palms of their hands on the wood.

Second up would be the Ghost of Doktor Phibes at the Tontine. I bumped into a dark figure in the Bistro area which in the dark room had the same shape and dimensions as fellow NGIer Mark (Dok). Being polite, I stopped and waved my hand ahead of me to let him go first which “Mark” did and I walked behind him, talking to his back. Then, the door to the room opened, shedding in light and into the room walked …. Mark. WTF??? The dark figure continued to walk ahead before slowly disapating.

Why investigate the paranormal? Gives me something to do. I’d be robbing old ladies if I didn’t do this. The paranormal saved me from the streets, I owe it a lot. Oh, and I’m an Indianna Jones wannabee wanting to boldly go where no man has gone before. Even though that was Jim Kirk. I’m him too.

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