A Ghost Night, Haunted Break or a Haunted Weekend?

Ok, you’re sitting at home – maybe you’ve just watched Most Haunted or Ghost Hunters and thought to yourself “hhmm I fancy a bit of that” – what’s the best thing to do: a one off Ghost Night? A Haunted Break or a Haunted Weekend?

First off, there isn’t much difference between a Haunted Break and a Haunted Weekend. Both are basically the same thing – a couple of days away either at a single haunted location or a few in the nearby area, with overnight stay (hopefully in a bed!) with food thrown in for good measure.

The premise usually involves arriving at the location on a Friday night (or whatever night it’s due to start) and having an introductory chat by those organising the event, a meal and a get to know you session with the ghost group itself and your fellow would-be ghost hunters. Usually they’ll be a local historian present who’ll delve into the depths of the history of the location you’re staying at and is a good reference point for any information any mediums present might come up with in regards events or people involved with the location.

Once everyone is fat from the food, probably a little fuzzy from the booze – a series of overnight vigils will take place in any reported haunted hotspots within the location. Pretty standard stuff and if you ever have watched Most Haunted, you’ll be pretty familiar with the process.

Once you drag yourself out of bed around lunchtime the next day – you’re time will be your own in most cases. Perhaps a few local historical locations have been highlighted for you to visit and you’ll be free to go and do what you want until the evening meal. Some groups organise a few trips out but these are rare.

That night, you’ll be back to what you did the previous night. Sometimes another speaker will be brought in – perhaps a local Paranormal Investigator who’ll know a lot about the ghostly goings on in the location. And then you’ll finish the night off with another serious of vigils.

And that sums up your Haunted Break or Haunted Weekend.

Where a Ghost Night differs is all of that is crammed into a single night. Instead of a sit down meal, they’ll be tea and coffee available plus buffet style nibbles to keep the energy levels up throughout the night.

The experience of a ghost night is that it should be a little more intense – there isn’t “tomorrow night” to fall back onto if some things you would expect to happen on a night like this doesn’t happen.

Both the Ghost Night and Haunted Weekend have advantages and disadvantages to them – one of the deciding factors is cost.

A Haunted Weekend is just like any other weekend away that you might decide to do. As such, with the cost of a couple of overnight stays and meals thrown on of effectively two Ghost Nights, it can add up to be quite expensive.

A Ghost Night, on the other hand, can be relatively cheap in comparison – depending on the location. At Northern Ghost Investigations, we’ve been quoted up to £2000 to book a location for a single night – naturally, that price would have to be passed onto the paying punter and with not wanting 100s of people in a location, that price can be quite high. Mostly though, prices are in the relatively low range and as such a single persons attendance at a Ghost Night can be in the £20 to £40 range. Other Ghost Groups can charge higher than this – a lot higher in some cases – for basically the same experience. This is definitely a case of not getting more for paying more – don’t get suckered in on that score!

With a Haunted Weekend spreading out over a couple of nights, the event can be a little more relaxed without all sorts having to be squeezed in on one night like on a Ghost Night. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to get to know you’re hosts and fellow Ghost Hunters.

However, this ghost hunting malarkey can be boring at times and I mean that in the nicest possible way. No matter what is claimed – no ghost group has any exclusive deal with the Spirit World and if the ghosts don’t want to come out and play then they don’t want to come and play! So if no paranormal activity is going on, you could spend a lot of time sitting around or playing Ouija Boards with no movement. At least with a ghost night you don’t have to go through it all again tomorrow night!

So there we are. Haunted Weekends (or Haunted Breaks) and Ghost Nights. Which should you do?

It’s a tough call – but certainly you’re first time I’d go for a single ghost night like what we at Northern Ghost Investigations offer – and I’m not just saying that either! This is real life – it’s NOT Most Haunted and even if you’re really interested in the paranormal, it’s not going off every 2 minutes like what you see on Most Haunted or Ghost Hunters.

If after a few single Ghost Nights you want a Haunted Weekend, then go for it – but make sure with a little research beforehand that the alleged haunted location you’re staying at it worth it.

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