Strange things afoot at Busby Stoop

Well my Ghost Chums, the phantom pen ‘yet’ again returns to scribe another blog ( hopefully it will get to the right area) and my 2nd installment ‘should’ be received loud and clear!

As the subject states, an evening of strange encounters occurred within the walls of this watering hole, the Busby Stoop Inn – sadly NOT of an alcoholic nature. But there was certainly a touch of spirit intervention of the non alcholic kind, which could be felt by some members of the group. This made the evening quite interesting- even for an old sceptic like me.

Two guest members of my group ( both male) took on different persona’s for want of a better word. This happened in the bar, pool and dining area of the pub. I have to admit I felt  ( there is no other way of describing this without it sounding  rude, it’s bloody Pepy’s box and moist wet Bethany all over again ask Mark) but I felt a strange, tingling, buzzing, pulsating sensation and extreme heaviness in the legs, in the middle of the bar area – hey Claire I was popping and fizzing all over the place . No seriously though, I was not the only one who felt this, we ALL did. Bekki described it as if someone ( she actually thought it was the Caretaker) was trying to stop us from entering the pool area situated at the back of the pub.

One of the guest (a big bugger he was) all of a sudden started to have a great dislike for poor Bekki. We were sat in the dining area (both male guests sat by the bay window) of the pub by this time, and he just couldn’t look at her at all without feeling very angry towards her. He also started to feel very sick and dizzy too. He complained of a dry mouth and his jaw was aching at the same time. His mate also felt very cold and became quite unnerved by his mates demeanour, which in the end proved pretty valid  The bug bugger as I will call him without using names, suddenly acted very odd and started banging his leg on the side of the table in a clumsy sort of way saying that he felt as though he was paralysed, and in a wheel chair. His anger then turned towards his mate (who also started to react) NOT because he hated him personally, he didn’t see him as is mate by then, but he DID see him as someone else- if that makes sense?

To be honest it was getting a bit scary and not because of anything paranormal either – I could have coped with that.  Bekki, Michele and myself were quite concerned how this part of the room seemed to bring such volatile reactions to the surface with regards these two best mates- this did bothered us I must admit. At one point I had to get in between them, as both in the end couldn’t even bear to stand in the same place, let alone next to each other. The hate and anger between them was too strong- even when venturing outside for the beloved fag.

The big bugger ( B.B.) looked in the mirror ( in the pool room area) at one point too, and his face did appear to take on another persona I have to admit. Even though the sceptic in me is always present, he did appear to take on a rather evil image, which showed itself quite dramatically. This DID freak us out a little, but it did happen. He (the B.B.) kept coming out with things ( hopefully Michele has this recorded) about  past events that have happened in the pub, which if these can be verfied at a future date, will make extremely interesting reading.

Anyway, the two of them got separated from my group and joined other NGI team members upstairs, which incidently B.B. didn’t remember anything of the downstairs incidents, and was quite relaxed from then on. Both Michele and me, went into the barn outside for a 45 minute vigil in the dark. The only report worthy of note from here was, the blue flashing lights ( not camera flashes either) were seen by nearly of us, at separate times. This was through one of the slats near the barn door, and the odd tapping noise. Such is the way with the Busby Stoop Inn.

Again all of the above might have been psychosomatic with the big fella, and ultimately with his mate too that night, but “hey ho” it might not have been either. I thought this when I got my legs taken from under me at Bowes Railway Museum ( NO not in some kind of fetish sexual act – I wish) and smacked in the mouth by a wardrobe door in the Golden Fleece !!! The things I go through for NGI !!!!  So you never can tell ??????

Off to my world of twilight fantasies, which usually involve a custard cream or a cream horn – by the way they ARE of a confectionary nature and NOT a sexual utensil.

Chow for now

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