My 1st blog – hopefully

Hi there ghost chums !!!!

Well here goes my ghostie chums,  my 1st attempt at communicating via ‘cyber space’ on the NGI NEW web site. The reason I joined NGI was simple really, I was completely bonkers and high on hallucinogenic drugs at the time – well only on Tuesday’s – but seriously it was something I have been very interested in for many years. I have encountered many strange sensations and unexplained feelings over the years, however we won’t go into that on here, but you can read my latest instalments in Readers Wives, page 12-20. But  joking aside, sadly I have still not witnessed the elusive spooky spectre as yet, but live in hopes !!!

NGI is a complete MAD HOUSE, but i am the sane one among the group  – I wish!  I have been on some FAB investigations in my time with the group, notably Bolton Castle. We are returning to do an investigation at this creepy abode on Halloween of all nights, and if it’s anything like the last visit, VERY atmospheric it will be too – it comes with bats, creepy ruins and everything, plus a real live (not a dead one) Earl! Hopefully the young Baron will once again do the honours of lighting the great fire in the medieval kitchen for us, while we sit absorbing the atmosphere and pigging out on his finest culinary delights until the wee hours- by it was soooooooo good to see the roles reversed for a change BRING IT ON KARL MARX  I say….  another log on the fire young Baron my lad .

Well I will sign off now, just in case I balls this up when sending it to the webby blog itself. I am an absolute knob when it comes to owt technical, so I leave all the techno stuff to Mark and Jay – incidently Mark has a great BIG BOX and everything. I am sure Mark will expand on his spooky equipment (and BIG BOX) for any eyes ( or ears) who care to read his blog!

Chow ghostie chums, off  to send this and hopefully I will have a BLOG of sorts for you to read. I will endeavour to update you with my tales of unearthly happenings as and when they happen.


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