An Introduction To Carol


 Mad Carol, or just plain Carol will do.

NGI job title: Paranormal Investigator and part time screamer.

Skeptic or Believer: I swing both ways (ooh Matron). I’ve experienced too many eerie and odd things over the years, which at the time couldn’t be explained scientifically, even though my Mrs. Spock logical head was telling me otherwise. So I’m on a mission to find some answers, but have to admit, I’m desperate to see a fully fledged ghostie !!!

Favourite Location: Bolton Castle and Chillingham Castle, both VERY atmospheric location’s. They were your typical Hammer House of Horror stuff, came with Bats, full Moon and a real life Earl. All that was needed to top it off was old Christopher Lee lurking in the shadows.

Favourite paranormal evidence: A wardrobe door smacking me in the face (literally) at the Golden Fleece in York, and my legs been taken from under me (no NOT drunk) at Springwell Railway Museum. But my favourite evidence involves a lamp and its bulb, which is in my kitchen. The light bulb seemed to spring, or you could say “jumped” out of its socket (with some force and witnessed by my Mum) followed by the smell of Gangrene and disinfectant. The reason it’s odd is that my Father-in-Law had died a week beforehand and my Husband had been down to Rotherham to clear the house out. From his Dad’s house he brought back a box of spare light bulbs. Prior to the incident with the “jumping” light bulb we had no spare bulbs in our house at all, so the only replacement bulb we could use was his Dad’s. As for the smell of Gangrene and disinfectant that followed …… my Father-in-Law had Gangrene in his left leg and it was bathed in disinfectant.

Why investigate the paranormal: Simple **** to see if there IS a life after death !!!

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