Think you’re being haunted?

When people believe that they may have a problem and their home is haunted they are often confused to what action they should take. Many seem to make what they perceive to be the obvious decision to contact a vicar or some local spiritualists, but this is not necessarily the best thing to do.

Contacting a local paranormal investigation group too can be full of pitfalls, as this area is unregulated, meaning that anyone can claim to be an instant expert. Our advice is to just to do your research about a team. How long have they been in existence? Do they also run entertainment ‘ghost hunts’ or are they into genuine investigation work? Do they make any ‘wild claims’ on their website? etc.

Please Note : Northern Ghost Investigations NEVER charge for their services. Be wary of those that do.

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Here’s a quick run down on what happens when NGI are contacted for help with private cases.

Are you being haunted?


1. After initial contact has been made with us we will probably fire a few emails back and forth with the client to get a better understanding of what has been occurring and we will hopefully be able to resolve issues this way.

2. If it looks like the clients experiences may need looking at further, we will arrange to visit the client at a time of their choosing.

3. There will only be two or three investigators (male and female) present at this stage. The investigators will arrive with the utmost discretion (so don’t expect flashing blue lights and sirens). This visit will only be an interview as opposed to a full investigation. This is to allow both parties to meet and ask each other any relevant questions. If both parties are happy to proceed with an investigation a time can be worked out to suit the client.

4. A preliminary investigation will consist of investigators trying to get to the bottom of the reported phenomena. Video/ Audio recording and environmental monitoring would also be undertaken if the client agrees. Investigations can take place at any time of the day or night but it would be preferable if they happened when the reported phenomena usually occurs.

5. No mediums will be present or any sort of spiritual communication will be attempted at this stage.

6. The data will taken away and analysed. Another meeting would be set up with the client to present any findings. All findings will remain confidential unless otherwise agreed with the client. This meeting will then be used to discuss the next course of action, if any is required.

7. Over the years NGI have built up a network of trusted professionals (psychologists, counsellors, mediums, magicians etc.) who may be brought in to help if required.

8. Once NGI take on a case we will see it through to its resolution. We never leave a client until they are happy.

9. NGI never charge for their services and are in this field for pure research and to help people in distress.

We are always willing to offer free help to anyone experiencing what they think is paranormal phenomena and can guarantee a professional and confidential service.

Just drop us a line at the NGI email address: or telephone: 0795 8599 670

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