NGI 2014 News

Just thought we’d update you on what been going down at NGI towers so far this year.

You may have noticed that we’ve got a spanking new website, so please take some time to have a look round. Perhaps you’re interested in checking out the history of some allegedly haunted locations in our Haunted UK section, finding out who we are in our Meet NGI section or reading our latest musings in our personal Blogs.

We’ll be filling the site up with a lot of new content over the coming months and have already started with some accounts of the strangest things to happen to us over the years such as our ‘Shadow Man‘ encounter and the infamous ‘Dancing Wardrobe‘ incident.

We have continued to focus on our private investigation work and have have already been talking a number of people through their suspected paranormal matters. If you think you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home please see our Private Investigations page and we’ll do our best to help you out.

We’ve also got a few interesting projects coming up as a team and we are hoping to return to the location of one of our most perplexing ‘encounters’ in order to try and find some answers. More news on this as we get it.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Facebook Group as there’s always a debate in progress about one paranormal topic or another.

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