Middlesbrough Library – Here We Come

Now its all sorted and organised – we’re delighted to reveal the location of our live investigation, to be broadcast on BBC Radio Tees, on Halloween. We’ll be heading to Middlesbrough Library which, after speaking to the staff who work there, does seem a seriously haunted place indeed.

You may remember the story we posted a few weeks back which showed a photo of a mysterious black figure that was caught on camera by one of the staff. We’ve since been back to Middlesbrough Library and got a few more stories and nobody can figure out what the figure is – although, a lot of activity seems to be centered on the area of the building where the figure was stood and especially so within a small cupboard which seems to be where the figure ‘lives’.

Halloween is going to be a busy day for us on the whole. Not only will we have the investigation on the night which will be broadcasted on Bob Fischers Gobstopper show – but we’ve been asked to pop into BBC Radio Tees on John Fosters breakfast show to talk about ghosts, Halloween and our trip to Middlesbrough library that night. So when your off to work – you can tune in while in the car and hear Jay and Claire rambling on about spooky stuff!

And more media stuff is going on too. As we reported last week about Carlisle Castle and our investigation with English Heritage and the Mayor of Carlisle – we’ll also be doing a media stint on the afternoon. What that will entail, I don’t know .. but I do know that a few local newspapers will be there plus the odd telly bloke! So you might get to see our ugly mugs on the local news too!

So busy times indeed. You’ll be able to find links to the radio broadcasts next week on the NGI webby .. you don’t want to miss it because, if nothing else, it will be a laugh!

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