Looking for New Members

Yep, you read that right – we’re casting our net out for the next batch of serious and genuine paranormal investigators to join up and become part of the Northern Ghost Investigations team.

Northern Ghost Investigations are one of the longest established teams in the North East of England – we’ve been on TV and Radio, in newspapers and magazines. We’ve worked alongside large national organisations such as English Heritage, large charities to help run their events and often work with paranormal … erm .. “celebs” such as Richard Felix and Ian Lawman. In recent years we’ve been specialising in private cases helping people resolve alleged paranormal activity and conducting our own research.

Ghost Group Looking For New Members

But we aren’t looking for just anybody to join NGI– we get “anybody” offering themselves on a day to day basis.

Far too many people in this game fancy the ‘idea’ of being in a paranormal investigation team but soon lose interest (especially when they see how mind numbingly dull it is), so we really need to see some commitment before taking you on board. Just getting involved in the discussions on our forum or Facebook group should do the trick.

We’ve not been shy of getting into some pretty ‘heated debates’ over the years so a thick skin would be a bonus, but you do still need to be able to have a laugh. Oh, and ideally can drive. Plus, sometimes you might have to go out on a school night, so if you’re happy to take a day off once in a while or can make do with 2 hours sleep, then that’s good.

It doesn’t really matter if you have little experience or ‘special skills’. As long as you are enthusiastic, can exercise critical thinking and are willing to learn then we should get along fine.

  • Note 1 : Please, no mediums / sensitive’s / Gypsy Rose Lee’s / Spoon Benders / Mystic Megs.
  • Note 2 : I forgot what the second note was.
  • Note 3 : NGI don’t do public ‘ghost hunts’ (apart from the odd charity gig)
  • Note 4 : Nobody gets paid in this game – we do it for love

So if you fancy it – drop us a line at the email address below and tell us who you are and what party tricks you can do. Funnier the better ..


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  1. Richard Dixon // August 6, 2014 at 3:50 pm // Reply

    I am interested in joining a ghost hunting team, I have participated in a couple of ghost hunts before but those groups did not continue. I am interested in the history of areas, buildings and of the paranormal, and the reasons that ghosts, may or may not exist. I have read a great deal of books on the subject of the paranormal and folklore and would be interested if you could give me any information in local groups that take on members, obviously including your group.

    Many thanks for any response

    Richard Dixon

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