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We’re pleased to announce a link up with Bob Fischer and his Gobstopper show which can be found on BBC Radio Tees – a live broadcasted Ghost Hunt on Halloween, 2008.

Black Ghostly Figure – Middlesbrough LibrarySome of our regular readers will know that we paid a visit to Bob in the Radio Tees studio last Halloween and myself and a couple of others from the team were interviewed about what we do and talked about some of our paranormal experiences.

Bob also joined us at our recent investigation at the Castle Keep in July and it was here we discussed doing something on Halloween. And now, here we are.

So after a lot of work behind the scenes from our location researchers we’ve secured an exclusive investigation inside one of the primary public buildings in Middlesbrough – and boy – we’re we surprised at what we learned when we got inside and heard their tales. This is potentially one of the most haunted locations we’ve ever been to and to think its been on our doorstep all this time.

People being touched, oppressive feelings, doors unlocking themselves and opening and closing when nobody else is in the building, footsteps accompanying them, poltergeist activity and sightings …

.. and to cap it all, the image you can see captured on film on this page. It was taken by a member of staff one evening in one of the upper floor store areas – where it seems most of the activity is concentrated – and shows what looks to be a dark figure silhouetted against the window, its “hands” raised above its head (ignore the white smudge above it – this is the result of an accident to the photo after it was taken).

I examined this area myself when I visited on Friday and there is nothing present that could account for the black blob – what you see when looking yourself is a clear walkway to the window between two sets of shelves and nothing that could be mistaken as a “black blob with its hands above its head”. Spooky indeed.

We’ll announce more details about this location and reveal where it is as we get closer to Halloween, plus give you the details of how you’ll be able to listen in through the Northern Ghost Investigations website.

In all – I personally think this could be a fantastic location and with it being “virgin territory” having never been properly investigated before, the ghostly spooks present could be itching to come say “hello” on the radio.

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