Ghost Hunt At Castle Keep

We had quite possibly the best night we’ve ever had at the Ghost Hunt At Castle Keep in Newcastle on Friday night on our latest guest investigation.

Usually, most of the activity seems to spill out of the Garrison room as though its the heart beat of the castle, but on Friday, the Garrison was quiet and everywhere else seemed alive.

We had numerous strange goings on with bangs and thuds being heard in all the other locations on request and in some places little stones being thrown about. You can see on this page a strange light anomaly that was caught on camera by Diane, one of the guests with us on this ghost hunt. Its possible its just a camera artifact, but this strange orange glow has been caught on camera before at the Castle Keep and has also been seen with the naked eye by Lee, although then it was in rod-form.

Strange Glow At Castle Keep

The cherry on the cake was the sighting of a dark robed figure that was following me around the Galleries and witnessed by two separate people. The Gallery is a narrow 2ft wide corridor that’s overlooks and surrounds the Great Hall. Mostly its walled but inter spaced around are small balconies which allow you to look out and down onto the Great Hall below. A couple of our guests were leaning on one of the balconies and looking across to another opposite. They both saw me walk by the open balcony and then a couple of seconds later saw a smaller dark hooded figure float past and following me.

Shortly before this – just before I’d walked by – another guest had caught something on camera in the area where I’d walked. It was difficult to make out what it was – but on the digital display I could see it as a dark figure in the dark corridor.

Yes, it was one of, if not the, best ghost hunting night we’ve ever had at the Castle Keep with every group seemingly getting something on the night. Shame we’re not going back for a while!

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