For Our Pam

We’ve sat on this news for a couple of weeks now in the hope that we wouldn’t have to post it, but as time is still moving on without much hope of a happy ending, we’d best post it.

It’s with great sadness that we have to report the loss of a former member of NGI, Pamela Jackson, who has most like passed after going missing from her home on the 2nd of March, 2013.


It’s a sad day as it is, but it’s made worse to all who knew Pam that a man, believed to be her partner for the last year, has been charged with her murder. Dying is one thing but allegedly being murdered just makes her passing a lot more shocking.

Pam was a funny one. She joined NGI back in early 2007 and certainly made herself known to all present at her first investigation at the Tontine when she ran screaming from a room claiming the Devil was inside. That was Pam. Her sometimes over the top reactions always raised an eyebrow from people present and raised a few laughs too. Fortunately, she would laugh at herself also and kept up her Derek Acorah style sensitivities right through the time she was a part of NGI.

We had some laughs with over the years with Pam – whether her “fainting” and then standing, brushing herself down and carrying on as though nothing had happened when people didn’t take her serious, or when she “talked in tongues”. It may sound daft to anybody reading but, as said above, that was Pam and although some didn’t agree with it, she was always entertaining us and could laugh about it afterwards. There were a number of times she would come up with highly accurate information she claimed to have gleaned from the other side and, coming from an eyebrow raising sceptic, she did impress me from time to time.

Pam was an integral part of NGI from early 2007 to late 2009 when she left to start a new life in Greece. She returned briefly but ill health meant she had to step back again from NGI. She arranged some investigations for NGI, helped organise our nights out – both team only and when we used to run public guest nights – helped move NGI from what we were to what we are today and was NGI’s resident medium during that time (Sensitive!! She never called herself a medium). She even had an impromptu dance with Richard Felix when we were at Preston Hall running one of our charity nights!

Although she hadn’t been around this last few years barring the odd visit to our foums, she’ll still be missed greatly by NGIers past and present and so “Aunty” Pam, wherever you are now, rest in peace chuck.

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