2016 and Beyond

Just a quick news update to let you all know that NGI are still busy beavering away behind the scenes despite the apparent lack of activity on this site.

In a world that seems awash with paranormal groups putting themselves forward as ‘experts’, whilst at the same time following the same old pseudoscientific and unethical techniques that have been the staple of reality television for over a decade, NGI has endeavoured to remain as objective as possible. This has often lead to some heated debates in our Facebook Group with other members of the paranormal community, but thankfully there are still a few out there who are interested in genuine research as opposed to self promotion.

We are always willing to talk to people about any paranormal activity that they feel that might be experiencing and will do all we can to give the best advice/help possible to get to the route cause of the problem. Just send us an email in complete confidence and someone will get back to you in due course. You can find out a bit more about our private investigations here.

If you have any general questions, suggestions or just want a bit of ghostly banter you’d be better joining our Facebook Group.


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