2012 Roundup!

As 2012 nears its end, Northern Ghost Investigations look back at their activities over the past year.

The team has continued to go from strength to strength with its private investigation work and has put peoples minds at rest about a whole host of suspected paranormal matters, either in person or via email/phone.

We’ve continued our ‘Team-only Investigations’ at places both well known and little known around the region, and we’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with a couple of other groups for joint investigations (who said we were unsociable?).

Media-wise we’ve been featured in the ‘Teesdale Mercury’ and made an appearance on ‘KTPF Community Radio’ which was a fun experience. We’ve also helped out with the research for a new book about Paranormal Investigation by Dr. Leo Ruickbie.

We’ve been at the heart of some ‘controversial debates’ on Facebook which were in danger of crashing the social networking site, but I think we all learned a lot from the experience.

2012 also saw a team member departure (Dell) and a new arrival (Mark Newman).

So did we manage to solve the mysteries of the afterlife this year?….did we buggery; but we’re going to keep trying in 2013, if the world doesn’t end that is, but then again if it does I guess we’ll all know the answers to the big questions anyway.

Onwards and upwards!

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