Tyn Dwr Hall

A brief history and an examination of the ghosts of Tyn Dwr Hall

Tyn Dwr Hall, translated from Welsh is “House of Water” and  is situated in the village of Llangollen. It`s name is very apt as Hall sits on a natural stream and has a incorporates hidden in the grounds. It was built in the early 1800`s by an Iron Master, John Dickenwith and has an estate covering roughly 1200 acres, including much of the Berwyn Mountains.

The History of Tyn Dwr Hall

Within the grounds of Tyn Dwr Hall is a sacred Yew tree which is said to be the biggest Yew tree in Wales. There have been many strange happenings that have occurred around the tree, animals such as stag, birds, squirrels tend to be drawn close to it . Modern day Druids are known to visit the tree and pay homage to it.

The Hall is now used as a charitable youth hostel, where children can stay for weekend breaks, taking part in the many activities that are on offer.

Tyn Dwr Hall

The Haunted History of Tyn Dwr Hall

The Current owners and staff of Tyn Dwr Hall have heard many repeated stories of supposed paranormal activity from visitors.

One guest reportedly had a lengthy conversation with whom she thought was the halls gamekeeper complete with old fashioned clothes. Whilst checking out, she asked if she could speak again with the elderly gentleman. The receptionist at the Hall had no idea whom the lady was referring to but the lady insisted she had spoken to the old gamekeeper, regarding the animals and birds in the forest earlier that evening. Since then, there have been many reports of other people seeing this mysterious gentleman.

When the Billiards Room was once a bedroom, one particular gentleman reported being woken up by the sound of the rustling of a lady`s dress and her underlying petticoats. The gentleman explained to the lady that she must be in the wrong room, which seemed to make her panic and then quickly disappear before his eyes. Since then there have been reports of footsteps being heard walking on floorboards even though the room was carpeted.

There are many more stories of other spirits at Tyn Dwr Hall as well as associated paranormal activity, such as cold spots, chairs that have been seen to move on their own, strange hissing sounds, feelings of sickness and reports of a green mist. It is no surprise that Tyn Dwr Hall holds great interest with paranormal investigators.

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