Bodelwyddan Castle

A brief history and an examination of the ghosts of Bodelwyddan Castle

The history of Bodelwyddan Castle and the estate that surrounds it extends to before 1460 though the association with the Williams family dates from around 1690.

The History of Bodelwyddan Castle

The Castle as seen today is a creation of Sir John Hay Williams dating from between 1830 and 1852. Architects Hansom and Welch were employed by Sir John to refurbish and extend the house while further works at this time also resulted in a magnificent estate wall and formal garden.

The loss of the main income source for the estate – lead mining – in the 1850s resulted in the decline of the Williams family fortunes, though further building refurbishment took place in the 1880s. By the First World War, the estate had been reduced in size and the house used as a recuperation hospital.

The grounds to the east of the main house were also used by nearby Kinmel Camp as an area for trench warfare training. In 1920 the house and estate were finally sold by the Williams family to Lowther College, a girls private school. The College was based at the Castle until 1982 when it finally closed due to financial problems.

In the 1980s the Castle was purchased by the then Clwyd County Council and developed as a museum, gallery and visitor attraction.

Bodelwyddan Castle

The Haunted History of Bodelwyddan Castle

The ghosts of shadowy figures have been seen walking around and through Bodelwyddan Castle and many people report the sense that somebody is following them around only to find, upon looking, that nobody is there when they turn around.

There is one story in particular concerning the ghost of The Blue Lady who has has often been seen wandering around irrespective of the shadowy figures reported above. She can often be seen wandering through the kitchen and has often been heard rattling plates and pans.

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  1. Angela Keaton // February 6, 2016 at 12:19 pm // Reply

    I have questions regarding Bodelwyddan Castle. The Williams family lived there beginning in 1690 until the late 1800’s. There was an American t.v. show that said the Williams family thought they were cursed. They had two girls fall into an icy pond and drowned in 1830’s. Does anyone know what caused their curse? Do you think are cursed there is an original reason. The Williams Bell family who are cousins living in TN believe they are cursed. I question is it the links to slavery the family feels causing the curse or something else? Did the curse occur at the time this family practiced slavery. I believe this family brought slaves onto this property and that these slaves were practicing voodoo. Can you help me in exploring this potential connection known as the Bell Witch hauting. My phone number by cell 757-822-4042 I need some help as I am in Florida. I am interesting in mking some friends with your group.

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