Arreton Manor

A brief history and an examination of the ghosts of Arreton Manor

Arreton Manor is an early Jacobean Manor House steeped in history and dates back to as early as 872. Once owned by Edward the Confessor as noted in the Domesday Book and is specifically mentioned in the Will of King Alfred the Great in 885. The Manor was farmed by the abbots of Quarr Abbey and for over 400 years was in their possession. In the reign of Henry VIII came the dissolution of the monasteries and the manor came into the hands of the Crown.


The History of Arreton Manor

The house was largely rebuilt between 1595 and 1612, although some 14th century features were kept. Charles I visited the manor several times.The King granted the manor to trustees to help repay his debts to the City of London and it was bought by two London merchants.

It was sold on twice, the second time to Lord Culpeper (Thomas II), Governor of the Isle of Wight, who left it to his daughter, Lady Katherine, who married Lord Fairfax. It stayed in that family for 230 years. Queen Mary often visited, as did Queen Victoria who is reputed to have planted a conifer on the south lawn.

In the more recent past Arreton Manor has been open to the public and had a museum of toys and domestic bygones.

Arreton Manor

The Ghosts of Arreton Manor

The manor is said to be haunted by many ghosts. It is said that a little girl can be heard shouting for her ‘mamma’. There are also monks who have been seen in silent prayer not only in the manor itself but also in the grounds surrounding, although here from the waist up only.

Many different sounds have been reported in the manor such as what sounds like a mysterious rattling of keys and and the sound of monks chanting. Unexplained smells of tobacco and perfume also permeate the manor which come and go without reason.


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