Dartford Library

A brief history and an examination of the ghosts of Dartford Library

The Dartford Library (and Borough Museum) building is a prominent and attractive feature of the Dartford townscape. The building is situated in the heart of the town adjacent to the main entrance to Central Park fronting on to Market Street.

The History of Dartford Library

It is a grade II listed building of outstanding architectural merit. The Dartford Central Library building was constructed with the aid of a grant from the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. It was designed by Thomas E. Tiffin AMICE, the then Dartford Urban District Council Surveyor.

Dartford Library, as a building, was constructed with Bath , Portland and York stone and was built by Messrs H. Friday and Sons and Ling. The facing bricks used in the construction are best Coronet Red with minor decorative work in Blue Staffordshire brick. The Central Library building was opened in 1916 by A. W. Smale, the Chairman of the Dartford Urban District Council, and W. A. Ward, Chairman of the Library Committee.

The original building occupied the area to the right of the present Museum door, but due to excessive demand on the Library and Museum service, an extension was planned. This was completed in 1937, and the building assumed its present proportions.

The extension was built by Cooper Estates Ltd of Dartford . The prominent Coat of Arms above the Museum entrance is the old Dartford Borough Coat of Arms granted to the town in 1933. A new Coat of Arms was adopted by the town in 1977.

Dartford Library

The Ghosts of Dartford Library

There is not much in the way of documented reports on the goings on at Dartford library. There have been some instances of books that fall or are pushed from the shelves by an alleged spirit or ghost and there are some un-explainable noises that can be heard within the walls.

Some of the staff members have reported that in some places of the library – notably the attic – they have been touched and had their clothing pulled by unseen hands.

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