Boys Hall

A brief history and an examination of the ghosts of Boys Hall

Boys Hall was originally built in 1616 by the Boys family who had previously been known as De Bois, having originally landed in England from France at the time of the Norman Conquest. Over time their name was Anglicised through Boyce to Boys as we know it today.


The History of Boys Hall

Just a couple of miles away in Sevington is a protected moat site where once stood a roundel house called Sevington Moat. This was demolished in 1631 and the bricks and timber were brought to Boys Hall to extend the property completing in 1632. Victorian additions were made in 1833.

The Boys family lived here for many years and were, so history states great farmers and landowners. They were also heavily involved in smuggling as most of the landed gentry were at that time.

The Hall though imposing today must have been an incredible sight in the 1600?s probably a modern beast by standards then. Today it sits and reigns majestically as it has done so for the past 400 years.

Boys Hall

The Ghosts of Boys Hall

There have been a few ghosts witnessed at the Hall with the most popular being John the Drunk, the ghost of a young woman whose name is not known and a stable master named Thomas. Many people have reported being touched by unseen hands and it is said the pictures that are hung in parts of the house refuse to stay on the walls and often fall to the floor.

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