Castle Leslie

Situated within 1,000 acres of beautiful scenery in Glaslough, Monaghan, Castle Leslie has been home to the Leslie family for over 300 hundred years. One of the oldest of Scotland`s families, whose history can be traced back to Atilla the Hun.

The History of Castle Leslie

The Castle was designed by Charles Lanyon and W.H. Lynn in 1870 for Sir John Leslie, 1st Baronet MP. The Castle never had any particular defensive purpose as it was built on the site of an earlier Castle.

Castle Leslie is now open to the public who find themselves transported to times long past. There are no televisions, phones, or clocks in the rooms and the only concessions made to 20th century are hot water modern heating. The original furniture, family portraits and books fill every room enhancing the Castle`s historic atmosphere.

The Haunted History of Castle Leslie

Castle Leslie, like so many castles, is home a multitude of ghostly tales.

Probably the most famous is that of ‘The Red Room’ which is reputedly haunted by the ghost of Norman Leslie who was killed in action during the first world war. When his mother, Lady Marjorie was sleeping in this room one night she awoke to see his ghost standing at the foot of her bed leafing through some letters. As she continued to watch transfixed she called out to ask him what he was doing. With that her son’s apparition turned to her, smiled, and then faded away.

Lady Constance Leslie who passed away in 1925 still watches over the family from ‘The Mauve Bedroom’. She is also said to be responsible for the levitation of the room’s bed.

Many visitors have reported seeing gray human shapes walking down the atmospheric corridors of the Castle, and the clear figure of a man dressed in black has also been reported.

A ghostly monk who causes noisy phenomenon, is said to reside in the Banquet Hall.

Bells ringing on their own accord are also another commonly reported phenomena at the Castle.

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